Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I've added links!

Okay, so this is really no big deal. Everyone does it, so why not me? These are a few links to sites I visit on a regular basis.

- This is a blog by Christian musician Shaun Groves. Good stuff and some deep conversations.

- No, she is not Shaun Groves sister. Probably my favorite musician at the moment. I just happen to like the music of two people that share a not entirely common last name. Her writing is so sincere, so open and honest, you really feel that you can believe in what she sings about. Her music is not just about Christ but about living as Christ in everyday examples.

- A relatively new group, I discovered them through the tribute CD to aid Wes King. Check them out.

- This is a traditional Irish pub in downtown Houston. They have an excellent menu and live music every night. Not a rowdy place, most shows are smoke-free. They have an enormous number of established and new artists come through, all of them good.

Check out some of these links. You won't regret what you find.

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