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Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas lists

Long time no blog, I know. I've had many other concerns to deal with and I don't know if I'll make this a regular thing again or not. I'm really just writing this as a catharsis, and I've turned off the ability to comment cause I just want to write not respond.

So, here's my Christmas list - "Things I'm Actually Good At These Days"

  1. Being a good employee - I just passed the 1-year mark at my new job, and it has been going well. I managed to do some interesting things, analyze some things in a way that they have been wanting to do for the last five or six years, lead some interesting groups, and overall bring value to the company. Pretty much what an employee is supposed to do.
  2. Rheology - Well, duh.
  3. Learn managerial skills - I've be put in charge of a few things this year that have made me actually use managerial skills. Scary part - I think I may be good at it. But I still never want to be a manager, as it brings me no joy or satisfaction as a job.
  4. Caring for people in need - While I've not been an online advocate for many of the groups and actions like I used to be, I have, if anything, been more proactive about trying to care for the people around me who are in need. Maybe with less of a panoramic scope I've been able to be more effective in other areas, including understanding more in my heart what it means to do something for others.
  5. Offending other people - Not so proud of this one, and it really is antithetical to the last item on the list; but I've been excelling at it lately. Especially when it comes to friends and family. I've managed to hurt my children, my wife, my parents and brother. Just this week I even managed to tick off a couple of people at work - they did a good job of ticking me off, too, but still . . . It's almost like alienation has been the theme of my life lately. Sadly, I'm getting very good at it.