Thursday, July 27, 2006

The newest to the family

8.5 week fetus
Here is a picture of the newest addition to the family (confession: this is not our child, but a stunt double). Below is an actual ultrasound of an 8-week old (again, stunt double). We just had an ultrasound today and saw a tiny, eight-week old heart beating like a drum. This was a big day for us because last fall Erin miscarried at about this time, so seeing a healthy little'un in the monitor was tremendous. The big day will be coming in March 2007, and we are excited. Tabitha is praying for a baby brother, but I think she wants a baby sister, also. I only saw one baby in the ultrasound, so I guess she will be disappointed at some point.

Erin is thrilled, and so much more relieved now. Waiting is hard, especially after a miscarriage. As for me, I am thrilled with the good report and thrilled that Erin is continuing here road to recovery from last fall. Now, only about 7-1/2 months more of this and we will be loosing sleep for another reason.

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Kat said...

Congratulations! We have two little girls and it's just so much fun watching them play together. I hope you're wife isn't suffering from morning sickness very much.

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