Friday, July 07, 2006

Great Vacation

We just returned from spending a week in Florida (Tampa and Orlando). We mostly did the non-Disney version, spending only one day in the Magic Kingdom and visiting the other parks in the area. The two Universal Studios parks were fun, but loud - the background noise was overbearing by the end of the day. Universal has an "I Love Lucy" tribute area with the "Desi Arnaz" Band playing every hour or so - good show. Busch Gardens in Tampa was good, but it is huge. We barely walked two-thirds of the park in our day there, much less did many of the available rides and shows. SeaWorld Orlando was great. We did the dinner with Shamu, which was nice. We reserved our trip to the Magic Kingdom for the 4th of July, and stayed late to watch the fireworks. Cinderella's Castle, lit up at night, is georgous and the fireworks show the best I've ever seen. Erin commented on the show "I've never had to shield my eyes from fireworks before!"

It's good to be home, but Tabitha will take away many great memories of meeting Cat in the Hat, Cinderella, Alice, the guy from Green Eggs and Ham, Mickey and Minnie, Shamu, and all the other characters.

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