Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm annoyed

Okay, I got hit with three of my pet peeves all within a half-hour time span this morning. I can handle one at a time, though Mrs. Euphrony would likely hear about it later in the day. She would politely listen to me rant and then gently remind me that I've stood on the same soap box so many times that my shoe prints have worn a rut into the top. Had it been a mere two things, I may well have survived. But three in so short a time span warrants a blog post.

Here they are, in order of occurrence:

  1. School Zone Speeders:
    Really, is it so time-saving that you must drive at twice the posted speed limit for a school zone over that long stretch of maybe 200 yards? Come on, people, it will add a possible 20-seconds to your commute to work if you slow down just enough to not blindly run over a kid that is just trying to get to school. I drive by three schools on my way to work, and within a block or two of four other schools. I am slowed down much more, on average, by the train tracks I go over than by the school zone. Let's keep our kids a little safer, shall we?
    And, where on earth are the cops that are supposed to stop these reckless drivers? My mom got a ticket for speeding through a school zone in Abilene a few years ago: the kicker is that the school had been closed, after much public debate, about six months before she got the ticket. They had never taken down the school zone signs, or stopped the lights, and the cop acknowledged that everyone knew there was no longer an active school there; but, the posted limit is the posted limit and she got a ticket. (She was able to argue it down with the judge to a normal fine instead of a school zone fine. Some sanity was found.) The moral of the story: cops seem to be able to police the inactive school zones, but not the active ones.

  2. Chris Tomlin radio:
    It's not that I dislike Chris Tomlin's music, or worship music in general, but he has become the poster boy for the praise and worship genre. Still, do we have to have Chris Tomlin played every third song on KSBJ? Really? And of the two in between, at least one is a worship song from another artist. I love to worship Jehovah, I love to sing and I love songs that you can sing along with. But I need much more than to be told in every way possible that Jesus loves me and the God is magnificent. I know this and I have known this for decades. There are those who need to hear this, who may not really know God's love, but they also need to hear more that that.
    It's like having a painting of a beautiful scene in nature and being shown only a sliver of the blue sky. Was that the sky, or water? What does the rest look like? You don't know from that sliver of a glimpse. Or it's like a warm hug from a loved one. Feels great, doesn't it? But after ten minutes you start to feel a little uncomfortable, a little smothered or claustrophobic. You know there's a lot more to your relationship than just a big, unending hug buts it's lost from sight. In short, like the music but hate the repetitiveness. (Disclaimer: I actually have major problems in general with any Top 40-style radio station. By their very nature, they play songs to death, and for someone like myself who likes a very broad scope of music and musical styles this is annoying. Personally, I listen to my CDs (on shuffle) a lot, or listen on-line to half a dozen radio stations from around the country to get different regional perspectives, or listen to something like Yahoo! Music to get more variety in what I hear.)

  3. Perfume strong enough to kill:
    Why, oh why, do some people insist and persist in donning enough perfume or cologne to justify classification of their bodies under OSHA guidelines for topic materials? As I walk in to work this morning, strolling down the long hall to my desk, I am assaulted by the maleficent odor. No person is in sight, or had been as I approached the trail, so this was a scent so heavy that no blood hound was needed to track the offender. This would only be a slight annoyance to me if not for the fact that I am extremely sensitive to scents; sitting next to a person wearing moderate amounts of perfume or cologne will likely trigger a migraine headache that will last for hours. What I smelled in the hallway today, with no person left in sight, was strong enough to choke a dog. I proceeded with alacrity past the danger zone. No headache has ensued, but the need to rant surpassed all others.
Okay, I feel a little better now. And Mrs. Euphrony doesn't have to listen to the same-old gripes for the umpteenth time. I'm stepping down off the soap box, now. It's available for someone else to use.

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Anne said...

Not only do I hate it when people speed through a school zone, I also hate it when they speed past my house exceeding the limit (neighbors). We should have the doubled fine since we home school.

Glad to hear someone besides myself complain about perfume. I've had it with ALL the smells - fabric softener, plug ins, etc. I had a plumber in my house a while back and all I could smell was the fabric softener on his clothes. That smell lingered in my house at least 30 minutes after he was gone. Fabric softener. We seem to be consumed with fragrances. Does everything smell THAT bad? Our house smells like the HubbaDoo house - not the smell-o-the-month fabric softener or plug in.

Sorry, I'm finished now.

Seth Ward said...

Ditto on the Cris Tomlin overload. I am starting to have the same reaction to KSBJ that you have to perfume.

There was a time last year that you could turn on KSBJ at any given moment and either hear Chris Tomlin, or Jeremy Camp. Not joking. I tried it many times. Even wrote to them on their online music panel, proving it by clicking over while I typed and showed them that they were playing Jeremy Camp at the very moment of my complaint.

Now I guess they got the message and we are down to Tomlin.

Honestly, I don't listen anymore. It is too irritating. When listening to a Christian station only makes you angry and want to cut off more people in traffic, then its time to move on for a while.

Alas, I don't know how I will EVER live without being reminded that if "God had a refrigerator, MY picture would be on it."

Sorry I borrowed your soap box there for a bit.

Anne said...

Happy Turkey!

euphrony said...

Happy turkey day to everyone!

Add to the list of "I'm Annoyed" the bother of blogger. I posted a reply comment last night to this, beautifully written (aren't they all) and it simply vanished. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

The dang thing about it, guys: Tightening the playlist to seven total songs (3 Tomlin, 4 Camp) will result in more listeners.

I know, I know -- it makes no sense. But unfamiliar music is what makes people turn off the radio. I know this is unjust, but it's true, and KSBJ is rotating music in the same way that KRBE does(during the times when KRBE plays music - I'm assuming they're still top 40.)

The reason they keep playing Tomlin is because people keep saying, "Hey, I like that one song by that Chris...? guy. Thompson?" after hearing it 560 times.


euphrony said...

Brant, I know. KSBJ wouldn't be so huge if they didn't play what people want. I guess I am a music snob (picute John Cussack in High Fidelity). People like familiar. People like being able to sing along with a song, and when they don't have a particularly good ear for music they need repitition to do that.

People, however, don't eat raw sugar until they become physically sick - even though it tastes fabulous. Why should they do the equivelant musically? Top 40 stations just serve up what they want, a result of the move away from DJ-driven play lists I would suspect.

Being a part of the minority, though, I want more than what the majority wants. Is that so wrong?

Seth Ward said...

But that philosophy just seems sooooo concentrated and condensed in CCM radio. I understand the familiarity bit, but you would think that the average Christian has a lower tolerance for variety than say, the puritans. (I realize that you are not advocating it here, just explaining)

I also wonder if, in the end, they would listen to what you play no matter what because you are all they've got.

euphrony said...

I think they would listen to what you play, even if it isn't what they know. That's what I'm referring to with DJ-driven play lists. When the DJ is the one selecting the song played every time, you usually end up having someone who is a music snob spinning things they like and you would probably like too but never find on your own. A listener-driven format dies give them what they want to hear, but majority rule leads to a preponderance of songs being over-played while good or even great artists are never heard from (despite having music that the listenership likes and may even request, just not on the level of the big names).

Most college radio stations seem to work this way (Rice's station, KTRU, for example). You get someone in there with a one or two hour show, they litterally bring in their personal library of music, and play stuff they think is good. If they're right, and the music is good, people listen and they stay on the air. If they are wrong, they get dumped.

I guess that is why I prefer the "new" media of internet music servers or the satalite radio groups. Or the Bob radio stations, for that matter. They, at least, devle into their deep libraries of music and play it. They give respect to the current artists, and they get more play than the "oldies", but the stuff more than two years old is not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Which one is Tomlin again? Is he the one with the crazy hair and the long gotee?

euphrony said...

Brody, are you just tryin' to stir up trouble? Cause, if you are, go right ahead! A little trouble never hurt no one.

Seth Ward said...

No that is that is Shane from Shane and Shane Groves with the Gotee.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe it's the bald guy with the long gotee... wait... that's some other six-step guy. ( I am just stirring, I think those guys are great... leather pants and all)

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