Monday, November 27, 2006

Thankful and content

Precious Little EuphronyIn the aftermath of this busy holiday, I can truly say that I am both thankful and content.

Thanksgiving Spread
Content with a belly full of good food. Content with an extended family that I can appreciate and enjoy, even when their daily lives are contrary to what I believe to be righteous living.
Thanksgiving Spread
Thankful for the time I have been able to spend with Mrs. Euphrony and Little Euphrony. Thankful that I have them to spend time with. Thankful that Mrs. Euphrony is feeling better this week (her allergies have been killing her and, being pregnant, their is little she can take to help). Thankful that I have a wife who loves and appreciates me, and a daughter who craves my time and gives the biggest squeezy hugs.

Content in the plans that God has laid out for the rest of the year. Content that everything will be ready when Baby Euphrony arrives in around 14 weeks.

Silly Little EuphronyThankful that my beautiful wife is brave enough and strong enough to go through the arduous journey that is pregnancy. Thankful for the joy and fun I see in my daughters eyes. Thankful for the gentle, compassionate hearts of these women who so fill my thoughts and my life.

Content that I will likely never be famous, but hoping to be remembered as a loving husband and father. Content that the differences I make will not be en masse. Content that I can touch one persons life, and then another.

Thankful that God shows me, on occasion, a life that I have touched. Thankful that God reminds me constantly of those whose lives He desires for me to touch.

Content that I may never transcend the thorns in my flesh, or find faith a simple matter. Thankful that I see in my daughter the birth of a faith, planted by her mother and I and faithful teachers at church and her preschool; faith that brings her to get out her nativity set and place them thusly ("Look, they're all looking at the Baby!")
Little People Nativity

Very thankful. Very content. I think I can endure a little longer with these reminders and blessings from God.

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Anonymous said...

Blessings on you, friend.

Anne said...

That was a sweet post.

"Content with an extended family that I can appreciate and enjoy, even when their daily lives are contrary to what I believe to be righteous living." You said that so eloquently.

It's sad when you're family (mine) is so bad that you are rethinking whether to allow your children around them again.

euphrony said...

Cach, blessings on your family as well.

Anne, I'm sorry to hear about the tough decision you face. I have a friend who has had to prohibit visitation of his kids with certain siblings. Very hard choice. I may not agree with all the things they do or say, but they are good people and treat other people well. My daughter could know worse.

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