Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Love is . . .

It's time for a multiple choice test. Love is:

  1. Telling your wife you're moving out three days after your anniversary.
  2. Using your child as a tool to dig at your wife during your separation.
  3. Blackmailing your wife with threats of fighting for full custody of your child if she does not agree, carte blanche, to your demands in the divorce settlement (including getting the savings account and a mandate on her living in the same area as you).
  4. Pressuring your wife to sign and finalize the divorce papers on Valentine's Day.
  5. Taking your young child to your new girlfriend's place three days after the papers are signed, while claiming you still have no interest in dating again.
(Hint: This is a trick question. There is no right answer; merely the timeline of a close friend's tragic recent history. A friend who needs a great deal of prayer, that she be able to grow past her husband's choices.)

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