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Friday, November 10, 2006

Prayer Requests

We found out last night that an old friend of ours, Connie, has cancer. This is the same Connie of Joel and Connie, under my prayer list on the right, who are trying to adopt a second child. Connie has been through a lot over the last few years. Around eight years ago her kidney's completely shut down on her. After a few years she was able to get a kidney transplant from a cousin; but, because she only has one functioning kidney, she cannot have children of her own. After a bit of work, they were able to adopt a boy. Now, they have been trying for the last two years to adopt again, with heartbreak after heartbreak (multiple times they have had the birthmother back out after the baby was born). And now, they have found out the she has cancer. She had surgery last week, removing her natural (non-functioning) kidney and her appendix. She will have to go back in a month for another surgery where they will have to remove a little bit of her colon. They think it is pretty well contained, but with all she's already been through with her kidneys this is pretty hard on them. Please pray that all continues to go well with containing the cancer, and please pray that their quest to adopt another child is blessed.

Also on the prayer list on the left are Mike and Kesha. Mike has been in ICU for a month, now, and was doing better - almost ready to leave the hospital and go into rehab. He has had a major setback yesterday and today, and was close to death. He is back to square one. What he is struggling with has, we're told, a 60% survival rate - not great, but not terrible, and the doctors still have hope for him. Please be praying that he regains strength and for his wife, Kesha, and their four-year old daughter.


Anne said...

I will remember these dear ones in my prayers.

euphrony said...

To update on this: We saw Joel and Connie this weekend while we were in Dallas for the MLS Cup. Connie is doing very well, and all things point to her recovering. Mike is also doing better. They found that his major setback this week was caused by a allergic reaction. Since discovering this and properly treating, he has returned to where he was before the allergic reaction and should be moving into a rehabilition facility this week. All thinks are going well right now.

Thanks for your prayers for these two families.

Seth Ward said...

Prayed for them and will continue to pray.

Anne said...

Thanks for the update. I will continue to pray as well.

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