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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My life is surreal

Any man who has daughters will tell you this. At some point - actually, at many points - you will find yourself doing things that no man ever thought to do as a little boy. Most likely, these kinds of "games" never crossed a man's mind until well after having a daughter.

Take, for example, my quality time with Lil'E last night. She's in kindergarten, so she knows everything by now. Or so it seems. We were playing on the bed - the perfect place to jump, hide from monsters - and she introduced this role-playing game.

Lil'E: (jumping on top of me and staring at me seriously) Okay. Tomorrow. You. Me. Dinner.
Me: Okay . . .
Lil'E: Next day. You. Me. Marry.
Me: Uh, okay!
Lil'E: Now, let's sleep together.
Me: !!!!!!!
Lil'E: (noticing my expression) Just a sleep over, daddy.
Mere minutes later we were married. Minutes after that we had a baby. In an odd way, my masculinity survives. Who knew?


Mrs TD said...

Being that I am a mom of another Kindergarten daughter, this makes me just want to scream and run for the hills!!! I guess the one thing that you can be thankful for is that she is planning to marry you and not the boy down the street! :)

texasinafrica said...

Well, at least she got the order right! :)

JSue said...

Did anyone else find this a little creepy???

euphrony said...

JSue, do you mean anyone else besides the author?

TiA, true. But it begs the question - she knows there's a difference, but what does she thing the difference is?

Mrs. TD, she's got more fiances (outside the family) then I can shake a stick at. It's definitely time for a rocking chair and shotgun for me.

Anonymous said...

She just wants a dependable guy, that's all.

texasinafrica said...

If I were you, I'd just be glad she knows that a man should at the very least buy her dinner before she marries him! :)

Unknown said...

this made me laugh REAllY HARD :)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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