Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good music on my mind

Ever since I got downhere's Wide-Eyed and Mystified for Christmas, I haven't been able to stop listening to it. And that is a good thing. Here is "The More" from that album, which I actually got as a free download last fall. They list 2 Peter 1:5-8 as their scriptural inspiration for this song. Enjoy some good Canadian rock!

They will be here is Houston for a KSBJ Brown Bag concert (free mini-concert for those who don't know) in February. I might try to drag the family along, depending on how eagerly expected Baby Euphrony cooperates.

UPDATED: You can listen to the song from downhere that KSBJ has been playing - "Little is Much" (in Streaming Windows Media file, as KSBJ chose to offer it). This one features lead vocals from Jason Germain and, with "The More" gives you a more complete taste of downhere's sound.

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Seth Ward said...

I like this.

He kind of looks like Donnie Osmond and sounds like a mix between Kevin Max and that FFH guy.

Good creative directing on the editing side. A little much on the multi-screen splits but the kid building stuff is cool.

Like the piano player's voice.

Just all around a feel-good song huh?

euphrony said...

Yeah, Marc Martel does sorta look like Donnie Osmond. I've always thought he was channeling Freddie Mercury, myself. There are a few songs where, if you didn't know what song was loaded, you might think it was Queen.

He (Martel) and the piano player, Jason Germain, switch off on lead singer duties - but on a couple of songs they do a melody/countermelody in the chorus, or have a kind of competing chorus between them. They have very disparate voices, but they (Martel and Germain) write their music so that it blends very well.

The diorama the kid makes (the kite in the city) is the album cover for Wide-Eyed and Mystified.

I've loved their music since I first heard a few songs off their self-titled debut album five years ago. I'm glad that KSBJ is finally giving them some play (I've heard them twice in as many months!) and is having them for a Brown Bag.

Seth Ward said...

Can totally hear Freddie. Hands down winner. Good call.

Anonymous said...

Christianity Today just posted a list of what they think are the best artists of 2006, and Marc Martel is number 4 of the Best Male Vocalists list. Here's what they say:

4. Marc Martel (Downhere)
The band still hasn't broken big, and so he's still not a household name. But any fan of Downhere knows what a terrific lead singer Marc Martel is, and he continues to mature as a vocalist, varying his technique to suit the song. He's previously been compared to Kevin Max of dc Talk, but on Downhere's third album Wide Eyed & Mystified Martel makes those high notes sound easy—enough to recall a young Freddie Mercury (Queen)

euphrony said...

I read that this morning. His singing and writing do continue to mature. I look forward to future music from this group.

jenjaeger said...

Marc Martel should be #1 on the male vocalists list! He is on my list - even above Freddie. I can't believe how talented he (and the whole dh gang) is! Check out their CDs if you haven't. I would recommend Ending is Beginning as a starter. You won't be disappointed!

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