Friday, January 19, 2007

Musical Free Association

Time for a psychology experiment. Free association, music style. I'll start with Musician #1 (singer, songwriter, group, whatever selected totally at random - don't ask how) and then I will list the first musician that comes to mind (Musician #2). Reply in a comment with your association to Musician #2, and the next associates to Musician #3. If you know why that particular musician came to mind, then share.

This is a chance to get you lurkers out of the woodwork and mingle with the regulars. Come on, people, I know more people glance at this rambling blog than pipes up. That means you, sister-in-law. And you, too, Cambridge, Minnesota - I see you pop in every couple of days. California, I'm waiting to hear from you. You can reply anonymously, if you feel the need, but at least give a name and/or a location. Here we go.

Musician #1: Susan Ashton

Hi, I'm Euphrony. I hail from Spring, Texas and:
Susan Ashton --> Garth Brooks

(Susan Ashton going on tour with Garth Brooks was, I believe, her first forayer out of contemporary Christian music and into more secular music; thus Ashton to Brooks. A close second association was the Ashton, Becker, Dente collaboration.)

Now it's your turn. GO!

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Anne said...

Hi, I'm Anne. I hail from LaGrange, Kentucky

Musician #2 - Tommy Emmanuel

I was up late one night during the holidays and stumbled across a show on PBS featuring this artist. I couldn't go to bed until I found out his name. I was fascinated by his guitar playing and how he uses the entire instrument. I can't wait to purchase some of his music.

Hope I did this correctly. :)

Discontented Refuge said...

Let me try.

Hi Ryan, from Houston, TX

Garth Brooks - Rascal Flats

When my wife gets in the mood to listen to her Country CD's that is the order. These guys have a good sound and tight harmonies, one of the few country groups I actually enjoy instead of tolerate.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Chaotic Hammer, from Spring Hill, TN

Rascal Flats - Carrie Underwood

I don't listen to country music, and really have no idea who Rascal Flats are or what they are famous for, but during the American Idol finals a couple of years ago, Carrie Underwood sang a really neat duet with them.

euphrony said...

Discontented, thanks for saying hi.

Anne, if you want to jump back in the chain, you can take off from Carrie Underwood.

(Interesting sidenote: one of the members of Rascal Flats was once in a CCM group called East to West, that had a few hits in the mid 90s.)

Discontented Refuge said...

No way!!! I thought I recognized one of the guys! That's funny, I saw them with Mark Lowry and the-latin-girl-who's-name-I-can't-remember...

Anyway, I thought they were dorks - they even did a portion of their set doing impressions of other Christian artists.

Good times.

Amy said...

Carrie Underwood-Kelly Clarkson

Well, they are the most popular American Idols.

Susanne said...

I'm Susanne, and I'm from Sugar Land, TX:

Kelly Clarkson - Justin Timberlake

Weird, I know, but when I was at the gym a Timberlake song came on right after Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone." (no, I'm not a real fan of either of these people, but I didn't take my headphones to the gym that day!) :)

euphrony said...

Okay, lets make the obvious connection:

Justin Timberlake -> Janet Jackson

Move along, please. Next artist. And thanks for dropping by, Susanne.

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