Thursday, March 01, 2007

You may address me as "Milord"

As another addition to the "get to know me" series, here I detail why it is you should all bow in my presence (a simple, respectful, bow - no groveling, please) and address me as "milord".

King EuphronyMy uncle (mother's brother) has done extensive genealogical research on our family tree, and what he has found is interesting. For example, it would seem that I am a direct descendent, through my mother's father, of Francis Scott Key. That's right, the Francis Scott Key, author of the poem that is sung as the national anthem of the United States of America. This also makes me related to such notables as Dana Key, Christian rocker and one-time head of Ardent Records, F. Scott Fitzgerald (very famous author), Thomas Hunt Morgan (who was awarded the first Nobel prize for genetic research, before Watson and Crick described the DNA molecule), and the American fashion designer and socialite Pauline de Rothschild. I am, of course, too humble to try calling in favors based on these wonderful but distant relations. (Okay, I admit it. I've never met any of them. Are you happy?)

King Johnny EnglishBut, the reason for the respectful "milord" is that one of Francis Scott Key's ancestors seems to be the errant daughter of an English king, who ran off with an Irishman vocally opposed to the king's treatment of Ireland at that time. This, then, puts me somewhere in line for the throne of England! However, as about half of northern Europe would have to die off before I came to the top of the list, a simple nod and the above affectation will suffice.

To point out a closer relative of relative fame, I can mention my cousin
Kristin Key. She is a comedian who recently appeared on NBC's Last Comic Standing. I think she's funny, though her lifestyle choices in general have upset the family. Here is a clip of her from Last Comic Standing.

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Seth Ward said...

Hey man! Haven't commented in a while...

Question: Why the comment about lifestyle? I wouldn't have really known that from what she was saying. Yeah she said ass a few times but...

euphrony said...

Why, indeed? I have wondered the same a little since I wrote it. Truthfully, even as I wrote it. From the context of the video, she implicitly talks about sleeping around. I included that comment to address this, not to critique her choices. That has been done enough by plenty of people. She has, by her own description, taken the label of being a preachers kid and run with it to extremes.

I do think she is funny, as do others in our family. I was talking with a cousing in January about her being on Last Comic Standing, and she said that she watched Kristin and was simultaneously amused and squirming. When you are watching a family member do something they are good at, but do so in ways that lash out at her family, it can be a bit like watching a train wreck.

Should I have included it? Still don't know; but I did.

euphrony said...

By the way, Seth, nice to here from you again.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I think I've seen her somewhere before. Was she doing any sort of standup on TV (maybe Comedy Central) before getting on Last Comic Standing?

A agree with the judges -- she's got great delivery, seems like great comedian material.

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