Monday, April 09, 2007

Prayer for a friend

A good friend of ours, ErinLo, recently found out that, despite the unlikelihood of it, she was pregnant. This past week, at ~9-weeks into the pregnancy, she lost the baby. Having gone through this about 18 months ago, Mrs. Euphrony and I know how she and her husband are feeling right now. Here is what she wrote on her blog about this:

It's always been a word I have hated. If you "misspell" something, you have spelled it incorrectly. If you "misunderstand", you've understood something incorrectly. Doesn't it follow that if you "miscarry", you've carried something incorrectly?

Don't even get me started on the term "spontaneous abortion". The sight of it makes my stomach cringe.

Nonetheless, that is what we are facing right now. It started on Monday evening and with a little help on Friday, this pregnancy will be completely over.

Yes, we are sad. Yes, I feel guilt. Somehow, at the same time, I feel peace and comfort in knowing that although I don't understand at all why the Lord gives and takes away like He does, He knows what He is doing and sees the bigger picture. In my humanness, all I see is this tiny little puzzle piece- this piece that hurts- that causes such sorrow- that makes us mourn the loss of a precious soul! But, God, in His perfectness, is going to someday show us how this was all just part of His wonderful plan.

So, for now, I'm resting in knowing HE knows. He also knows my sorrow. He feels my hurt.

And somehow in the midst of this storm, I have an indescribable, wonderful, amazing Peace.
It is a hard thing to lose a baby, even one not yet born. As the excitement builds after you find out you're expecting to the low of watching this child pass from your care into God's, it is a roller coaster ride. Erin and Jeff are handling this well, it seems, but please pray for them to continue to know His peace. Pray that Mrs. E and I can continue to support and encourage them as best we can right now.

They've been through this before, with an ectopic pregnancy a few years ago. Erin, who is something of a singer/songwriter, wrote the song I've posted below after that loss. Through an anonymous donation, she was able to record it and a few other songs onto a CD that they then sold to defray the costs of adopting a beautiful girl from Viet Nam.

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erinlo said...

Jason- This meant so much to me. I hadn't listened to the song yet. I'm sitting here listening and crying my eyes out- a good cry. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. You and Erin mean a lot to Jeff and me. Love ya'll!

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