Thursday, May 17, 2007

There and back again

No, this is not a hobbit's tale. This is the story about how I seem to be traveling more for work these days. It's also the reason why I've been essentially absent from the blogosphere the last week.

blogged about being in Tulsa last January. Well, I was there again on Monday and Tuesday. And it seems likely that I'll be going back in November.

blogged about going to Norway last December. Well, I'll be going back there in June, to give a paper at a conference.

I like traveling. It's nice to get out and see the world. But I love being at home. I'm a homebody more than anything else, and I hate being away from Mrs. E and the little E's. I wish I could take them with me more, but they would have little to do and we cannot afford to pay for their tickets to travel that much. Mrs. E notes that it is part and parcel with being more important at work; that is both a good thing and a bad thing to someone like me who works to live, not lives to work.

I'm home for a month, now, and preparing for Lil'E's 4th birthday party (Chuck E. Cheese, here we come!). There's plenty left to do around the house, and I'm looking forward to every minute with my family this month.

How about you: do you travel very often? Business or pleasure? Where do you like to go?

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Anne said...

We never go anywhere. I never vacationed growing up either. I would like to start camping with the family - my kids would love it. If we could afford it, we would buy a giant camper and travel the US - it would be a great learning experience for the kids.

Carrie said...

As you know.. I LOVE to travel. Although a year ago my job had me going to Dallas every week for three days a week and I was miserable. Now I am going to another company on the other side of Houston two days a week and I'm not a big fan of that either. I like to have a schedule and stick to it in my day to day. Keep me in your prayers I have a huge decision to make this weekend. One that not everyone agrees with and some might think I'm crazy others might judge me depending on the decision I make... pray for wisdom for me.

THanks!!! Give all the E's a kiss for me :) and tell Lil E happy birthday since I'll miss it, but I'll be by to bring a present soon. :)

Chaotic Hammer said...

I spent six years in the Army, where I traveled pretty extensively (though it would not generally be characterized as "pleasure travel"). Heh.

But these days, I just don't travel well. I'm a hardcore homebody. I get to feeling all out-of-sorts when I'm away from home, I can't stand being separated from my wife for any period of time, etc.

I think travel may be in my future again at some point (we're open to the idea of missions work if the Lord calls my wife and me to it), but it's just going to take an extra measure of Grace to help me learn to enjoy it again, I guess.

FancyPants said...

I didn't know you were in the Army C-Ham! Huh.

Glad you had safe travels, Euph. How was Tulsa? My parents are moving there this summer. They live in Dallas right now, but we're all Okies, actually. My dad's job is finally taking him back over the Red River.

Happy birthday to Lil' E! How was Chuck E?

euphrony said...

Tulsa was fine. Very busy while I was there. The locals kept trying to warn us about traffic and how bad it was at times. Ha! They have no idea.

Chuck E Cheese is this coming Saturday, but her actual birthday is not for another week after that. Thanks for the well-wishes, though!

FancyPants said...

Yeah, no idea is right. That's how we felt on our first trip to Nashville. The friends we stayed with lived in Brentwood, and they told us how they lived so far from downtown and it would take us forever to get there from downtown. ??? It felt like down the street compared to a commute in H-town.

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