Tuesday, October 16, 2007

busy . . . can't talk now

Life's crazy right now. No time to talk. Brief update. Out of breath from typing so fast.

  1. At conference last week. 14-hour days. Dry weather parched my skin. Nice weekend after I got home.
  2. Begin two papers from collaboration with rheological big-wig at MIT. Catch up on background info.
  3. Review patent. Late on that. Must finish by Thursday.
  4. At intra-company conference this week. Presenting paper and receiving group award for new technology.
  5. Just requested to attend meeting tomorrow at which several people likely to have their posteriors masticated by VP. Not me (whew). Not pretty.
  6. Preparing for Inspired to Action to launch next week. I'm editor for articles and interviews. I'm crazy to add this, but feel its important.
  7. Family vacation to DisneyWorld next week (Sat - Sat). Crazy good times to be had by all. Not taking a bit of work with me! Ha! Take that, you people who have more than quadrupled my travel time this year!
  8. Preparing to be humbled by the ridiculous work load on my desk when I return from vacation, ending essentially three weeks out of office.
  9. Wondering how babies survive teething.
  10. Wondering how adults survive baby's teething.
So, are you up to anything?

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