Friday, October 26, 2007

Participating in the Disney Excess

Disney-MGM Sorcerer's HatAnd lovin' it!

Mrs. E, Lil'E and I have been in Disney World this week. Fully indulging in the excess that Walt instigated. For those coming here and not bringing a trailer of food to sustain yourself for the stay, I suggest the Disney Dining plan: you get one counter service (burger/sandwich/etc. with side, drink, and dessert), one snack, and one table service meal every day. The table meal (at Disney prices, usually about $30 per person) easily covers the cost of the plan and leaves the other meals "free".

Lines at It's a Small WorldThey say that the British have perfected waiting in lines, but Disney has taken it to a new level. Maybe that's why we've heard so many European accents this week. Here is the line to get in to ride "It's A Small World".

Lil'E and Dan ZanesSo, anyway, we're went trick or treating in the Magic Kingdom tonight. Yesterday afternoon we got to sing and dance with Dan Zanes (of the Del Fuegos) - good music, which happens to be for kids and families. Here is Lil'E getting his autograph. Confidentially, she liked seeing Johnny and the Sprites on Sunday more; but Dan Zanes has funny socks.

Night MagicToday we're off to Epcot, going to have some dinner with princesses tonight, and breakfast tomorrow with Pooh and friends. If the weather participates (in question) we will head for home and see our Lil'er E tomorrow night.

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erin said...

Aww, fun! My favorite childhood family vacation was our Disney World vacation. Hope the weather cooperates for you!

euphrony said...

Okay, happy fun time over.

Lil'E has thrown up three times this evening (including on a crowded bus coming back to our hotel from Epcot) and is rather lethargic. We hoped at first it was just a product of too much candym but we're not so sure after three times. Now we have to try to take a bus tomorrow to the airport and get her through a 2-1/2 hour flight with what looks like a bug that has her susceptable to motion sickness.

Please pray for us!

euphrony said...

Made it home. No more "incidents". Thanks for the prayers.

Douglas said...

sounds like fun, except for the getting home bit. glad it turned out well, even if i didn't see the prayer request until you were home. isn't it amazing that god doesn't need me to help you? ;-)

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