Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Peanut Gallery

Lil'E's Peanut Gallery

The other day, I went up to Lil'E's room. The previous evening's bedtime requests had included that she be allowed to get a couple of her dolls out to take up to her room. Apparently, she meant more than a "couple" and had intentions. Witness what I am calling the peanut gallery: compared to Lil'E, they all have the cheap seats. However, the best seats definitely went to the Care Bears and her elephant, Phillip Johnny Bob. Over the next couple of days the audience expanded, until finally one night most were evicted and the remainder ended up piled at the foot of her bed.

In other news, Lil'er E has been in full teething mode. His first popped up last Saturday. The teething tablets we had been giving him, to ease the pain - do nothing now. He is on a strict diet of milk, oatmeal, and Tylenol. In fact, when I went to give him some yesterday afternoon, Lil'E decided to make up a happy song to celebrate the occasion. In it, the name, pink color, and yummy flavor of Children's Tylenol were extolled. Praises be for Tylenol.

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Paul J. said...

It's always been my belief that the hospital or pediatrician should give each family with a new kid a 55-gallon drum of Amoxicillin.

euphrony said...

Can we get an amen?

Seth Ward said...


Where's E.T.?

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