Thursday, January 17, 2008

It makes me so mad, I want to chew iron and spit nails

I've just added a post on I2A. This is something of a current events post, about an issue that seriously angers and saddens me. I've considered posting on this for some time, but had not (hoping someone more qualified than me would), but seeing this news article prompted me to go ahead and talk about the issue of sex trafficking and forced prostitution.

It's an ugly issue, but one that should not be ignored (as it too often has been). As a father with a four-year old daughter, I don't want to see her grow up in a world with this worry over her head. It's not just an issue for "someplace far away" - it's happening here in the U.S., and anyone could be affected.

read the post. Consider how you can change the world, if only a little, and pray for those whose lives have been scarred by this modern slavery.

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