Friday, January 18, 2008

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I was tagged a few days ago by Texas in Africa to do this. I've been slow because I've done this several times already, and I have a policy of full disclosure here on my blog (some may call it too much information). So, I would hope you already know me like the son your aunt's coworker's neighbor never had. If not, I give you this:

  1. I'm a man. I've had people confused over this in the past on the blogs, as my pseudonym offers few clues. (I've also had a waiter confused over this at a restaurant. While on a date. Is that TMI?)
  2. I live with two women and a cat. I have found myself occasionally daydreaming what to do with all the extra hair found around the house.
  3. I am currently coauthoring a couple of papers with an MIT professor.
  4. You would, in all likelihood, never read the papers I write. Unless you're, like, into rheology and tribology.
  5. I love music. Okay, no secret there; but I try to pass that love on to my kids starting in the womb by making CDs of favorite songs for each of them that Mrs. E played whilst pregnant.
  6. I like to use big words - like peregrination and indemnification. But not to appear important because I can use them properly in a sentence; I use them when they just best express what I want to say.
  7. I get migraine headaches. Let me tell you, it's a blast.
To complete the requirement of being tagged, I now tag everyone whose birthday is on an odd-numbered day (as is mine, a bonus 8th thing you didn't know about me).

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