Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike and Me

Hurricane Ike and Euphrony

So, here we go again. We're not on the run, like we were from Rita in 2005, but we're battening down the hatches and storing up the food and water. Looks like the next few days will be F.U.N. We could have serious winds (hurricane force) at our house for 18-24 hours as it passes overhead. Work is closing down at noon today for the weekend, and I seriously doubt that Lil'E will be in school tomorrow.

Ironic thing. Our next-door neighbors are getting ready to move and put their house up for sale about a week ago. When they bought the house the closing was delayed because of Rita. So, their time as our neighbors is bookended by hurricanes. Good memories for them of Houston.

But, seriously, we'd appreciate any prayers you throw our way. And for baby Justin in the hospital recovering from heart surgery, too.

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erin said...

I just said a prayer for you all. I hope you guys fare well!

Cristy said...

I've been praying for you all and for Justin, too.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Praying for your family and Justin and his family.

I lived in Houston in 1983 (the year I graduated HS) when Hurricane Alicia came through, and still have vivid memories of that storm. Of course at age 18, you're a little more reckless and have nothing to lose. So I was outside playing in hurricane force winds - riding a bicycle, running around, and seeing how far I could lean toward the wind and "hover" above the ground, with the force of the wind holding me up.

One of the worst things about having a direct hit from a hurricane was the sudden wind shift. When we were north of the storm, the winds were blowing from the east, and when the eye passed over, the winds suddenly shifted to blowing from the west. This seemed to cause a lot of the wind damage -- trees in our yard managed to hold on while they were being blown violently one direction, but when the wind came violently from the opposite direction, many of the trees snapped the other way.

They're saying Ike is huge, and the storm surge will be worse than Katrina or Rita was. I expect the coast to be devastated. Despite the several hours of very high winds you'll get, you guys should be fine -- as long as you don't get hit by a tornado (hurricanes spawn a lot of those when they make landfall).

My brother lives in southwest Houston, near Sugar Land. He's an electrician for oil refineries, so he'll probably take today off and be working again by mid-day tomorrow.

Stay safe, amigo!

texasinafrica said...

You know, you could come to Austin. I've got friends, we've got guestrooms, no one would mind. Be safe!!!

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