Monday, September 29, 2008

Music Monday: Breaking Rules

If there's one music-related rule that I hold hard and fast to, it is this:

One must not listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving or after New Year's Day.
I have lived my life by these wise words. I've even talked about why this is so important to me in a previous blog post. This weekend I broke that rule, intentionally.

How could I not, when just last Thursday I received a pre-release of Sara Groves' new Christmas album, O Holy Night, in the mail? Along with this gem I also received pre-releases of Building 429's self-titled release, first since signing on with INO Records. Also in the envelope was the upcoming release from Disciple, Southern Hospitality, and a three-song EP from Decyfer Down, Crash. I've given them all a quick listen, and there's some good stuff there. Reviews will follow, I'm sure.

For now, I've got some good listening for the near future (thanks, again, to the nice people at INO).

Do you like any of these groups? Which do you think I should review first?

Sara Groves O Holy NightBuilding 429
Disciple Southern HospitalityDecypher Down Crash EP

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erin said...

Sara Groves, definitely! I was so excited when I heard she was doing a Christmas album!

Kate McDonald said...

Ok. I normally have the same rule (it bugs me to see all the Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving, which I also love) but I broke my own rule with Sara Groves...what can a girl do?

euphrony said...

Glad others agree that this was a good exception to the rule.

Kate, thanks for stopping by. I just realized (seeing who you are) that Shawn had a new release earlier this year. I'll have to check it out. (Forgive me - I listen to our local CCM station very little, because they play very little and repeat a very lot, so this may be why I missed his new stuff.)

Amy said...

Oh, I'm jealous you have the Sara Groves album already! Not fair! :)

euphrony said...

Amy, it comes out in two weeks (Oct. 14th), so you don't have to be jealous for too long. I do know how you love Christmas CD's, though.

~Erin said...

I'm stoked becaues "O Holy Night" is my absolute favorite Christmas song! Aside from that, I'd really like to hear about Decypher Down. Thanks for the info and for educating my increasingly un-cool music brain.

euphrony said...

I don't know how familiar you are with Sara Groves' music. She often takes a traditional hymn and, keeping the lyrics, will change the melody - with beautiful results. She has done the same with "O Holy Night" and other or the traditional songs on the album, to good effect. I'll post samples along with the review.

Are you a fan of Decyfer Down, or do you just want to know more? Just curious.

~Erin said...

just curious...obviously,I need to learn how to spell :)

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