Sunday, September 07, 2008

Little Euphrony's brush with greatness

So we're two weeks into kindergarten around here. So far, Lil'E is loving it! She's been having fun, making new friends, and behaving herself for her teacher - she even got to get a prize on Friday because she's gone two weeks staying on green. (The class runs a behavior system similar to the color-coded system that Homeland security uses. Green is best behavior, the yellow, orange, blue, and red - on red you go to the principal.) One of her new friends is a girl in her class; in the first two weeks of school she has been on orange three or four times (we get daily reports from Lil'E, like an intelligence agency). What do you do as a kindergartener to get in that much trouble the first two weeks of school? We've mixed feelings about Lil'E's further association with such a "troublemaker".

prima donna tee shirtBut maybe we know where the trouble comes from. You see, we're thinking that maybe this little girl is a prima donna. Lil'E (our spy) has informed us that this girl has been on Hannah Montana! She's a bona fide young star - even the teacher recognized her from the show. Now, we don't think she's a regular, because we can't find her name anyway on the cast lists - probably just an extra. But we are left to guess that the stardom has gone to her head.

It's interesting, though. Lil'E doesn't watch Hannah Montana - we think she's a little too young for it - but she's a bit fascinated since she sees and hears about it everywhere. This little girl has been teaching Lil'E the inside stuff of how they act on the show. So now she comes home, very smugly, and tells us "I know all about Hannah Montana." Yep, she's showed us.


Chaotic Hammer said...

My wife is an extra in the new Hannah Montana movie (still in production). I hope it doesn't go to her head.

Anonymous said...

Good for her for having such a great first week!

My oldest is enjoying kindergarten as well and staying on the "green." I like the comparison to homeland security :)

euphrony said...

C-Ham, I'm sure you'll do your best to keep her ego in check.

Kristin, I'm glad Blue is having a good time - when he's not in the ER. That was scary to read about!

Douglas said...

2 weeks staying on green. You must have quite the angel. My teachers had a similar system for behavior grading when I was in gradeschool, except that it took 2 weeks of good behavior (no fighting, etc) to go green. I was green for less than 3 weeks in 4 years of public school.

Is lil'er E as much of an angel as lil'E?


euphrony said...

Lil'E is a sweet little girl - a bit manipulative with her cuteness, but sweet.

Lil'er E is a good little boy, and a Category 5 hurricane destroying everything in his path.

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