Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things that make me profoundly sad

GALVESTON — The 2-year-old girl known as Baby Grace was beaten with leather belts, held under water in a bathtub and slammed onto a tile floor in July, according to a statement her mother gave to investigators.
Read the whole story here.

I will never understand how anyone could do this to a child; much less the child's mother. Give me whatever psychological explanation, tell me they were high on drugs, or any other reasoning for why they would do this. I still won't understand.

I'm not angry at these people, though by all rights the world should be outraged. I'm beyond the anger and can only cry for this little girl battered and dead.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have nothing to give you since I don't get it either. For someone who has been trying to have a family for so long this kind of situation really stings! It is hard to explain how it personally makes me feel. I am not mad nor angry just sad and confused. I am on my knees for those involved.

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