Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hot off the Presses: Lil'E wows crowd at pre-school Christmas program, is called a "Little Angel"

I just got back from going to Lil'E's wonderful Christmas program this morning. As a 4-year old (the oldest class), her group does the manger scene all dressed in costumes. Lil'E was an angel (mainly because her best friend at school was also an angel). Here she is, praying over the crèche with her other angel/friend on her left and Mary and Joseph on the right.

Lil'E in her Christmas program

Screaming KidShe did a great job in the whole show - got all the hand motions and words down right. Didn't even look too bored (I saw more than one yawn from some kids). At least I can say that this was not my child (not this time, at least).

Flasher KidNot my kid, either. She may run naked through the house at times, but she usually keeps her clothes on in public. That's a good precedent for her future.

My parents were there for the show this morning, and we opened presents from them last night. As I have discussed on
Kat's post about creepy dolls, Lil'E got a Baby Alive doll. This doll talks, eats, and poops. That's right: poops. And yes, you have to buy extra food and diapers for her. To top it all off, you have to put the "baby" to bed (Lil’E would flip out if you just turned it off) - the bedtime routine for Baby Alive includes the "baby" asking for a drink, wanting to read stories and sing songs, and takes an inordinate amount of time. I foresee many prolonged evenings ahead. I also wonder about the morality of starving a doll, thereby forever scaring a child's psyche.

So, what have you been doing to prepare for the holiday season?

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Amy said...

what a cutie!

Seth Ward said...

Okay, so what's the poop like? I mean, does it do some kind of weird digestive thing inside there? That's a little freaky if you ask me. Squeeze me pee pee doll was weird enough. Grab me crap on me doll is off the charts.

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