Monday, December 10, 2007

A Very Special Blog from Euphrony

Michael LandonHappy Holidays, one and all, and welcome to this Very Special Episode of Euphrony Rambles. You know that it is a Very Special Episode because, first, I have told you that it is a Very Special Episode and, second, it features Michael Landon as a guest star. (For those of you unaware of this particular definition of "Very Special Episode", it is best described as being similar to anything done by Michael Landon from the Highway to Heaven series and includes many of the Little House episodes and much of his other work. Anything similar to this, or in which Michael Landon appeared, is by default a Very Special Episode.)

It's the holiday season. The time for good cheer. The time for giving and thinking of others. The time for overproduced church musicals. The time for songs written and sung just so - and will bring a tear to your eye as sure as sliced onions. We in the Euphrony family partake in these traditions as readily as the next family - and how could we not, when Mrs. E and Lil'E love them so much and I love sharing that time with them. In the tradition of the season, I have decided to give back to you, my loyal (and not so loyal) readers.

I begin with the Christmas program we went to see this past weekend at a nearby megachurch,
Champion Forest Baptist Church, entitled "Finding Home". It told the story of a common American family at the holidays. Father and son law firm. Daughter who runs a charitable organization. Wife who throws soirees on every occasion. Caterers who spit in your food and laugh at you. An eldest son who left home, is destitute, and returns to a tear-filled family. The special guest star was a Christian artist who lives in Nashville and has a recording contract (thus sealing his credentials). It was Very Special. The second half was a tribute to the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The wise men rode onto the stage to present their gifts to the baby - two on camels and one on an elephant (yes, you read that right, an elephant on stage). The baby Jesus was well-played by a newborn baby girl. Because she was a little confused, and really only wanted to see the animals, Lil'E had to ask me to see if that was the real Jesus or not. I told her no, it was a man playing Jesus. Liler'E had a lower opinion of the whole experience and decided to go play in the child watch.

The holiday cheer continues as we in the Euphrony family are recording every holiday special in sight. All the classics - the Doodlebops, Wonder Pets, Diego and Dora, and Charlie and Lola - have all been saved to DVR and watched a hundred times by now. The others - Charlie Brown, the Grinch, and the
Rankin and Bass series of specials - are either recorded or owned. Lights are hung on the tree, and ornaments set where Liler'E cannot break them. The yard is aglow with lights and decorations (but no inflatables). We are all smiles, awaiting the opening of presents and a White Christmas in Houston.

Ted McGinleyAs I conclude this Very Special Episode of Euphrony Rambles, I want to wish you all a joyous Christmas and wonderful New Year. If you found this installment to be a meaningless ramble, please tell me that I have
Jumped the Shark - a review process that should be instilled for all blogs. If the simple fact that it was a Very Special Episode was insufficient, then perhaps the additional presence of the Patron Saint of Shark Jumpers, Ted McGinley, will surely push me over the top.

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Douglas said...

and will bring a tear to your eye as sure as sliced onions.

that line made me smile.

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