Friday, December 21, 2007

I just thought I would't blog

As perhaps could be expected, I look away from the computer for a few days and find a million things worth sharing. Posting this, I feel a little like a store that does a "going out of business sale" every month. Oh well; I'm getting off work early today, so I have some time. Here, have a laugh.

And have a
Mary Christmas, too. Just select one of the hundred or so Mary Christmases that aren't already taken, please; this one is married.

Our minivan has no antenna; thus rendering Mrs. E's collection of antenna balls useless.
In steps Jack! Jack in the Box now sells antenna balls with the antenna attached. Uses a suction cup. Problem solved.

We ate dinner last night at a nice Italian restaurant. In the middle, Lil'E had to take a potty break. On returning to the table, she could be heard loudly saying "I couldn't get the second poo poo out. Help! Push it back in!"


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Pointers xkcd
Snapple xkcd
(My apologies for the last two to those not computer savvy or up with the periodic table. I laughed all day over these.)

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Jules said...

Hey E -

That last cartoon - after many moments of hard thinking, I will assume that Sa is the periodic designation for tin.....?


euphrony said...

Close, jules. (Sn)apple - Sn is tin on the periodic table. Being a chemical engineer, I laughed profusely at this. Still am.

Jules said...

Actually, I think I meant Sn to begin with and typed Sa instead...

In any case, have a very blessed Christmas!

p.s. I am a regular reader of your blog, I just tend to lurk quite a bit. I hope you don't decide to call it a day.... ;-)

euphrony said...

Jules, thanks for reading. I don't think I'm throwing in the towel, I've too much of a writer in me. But, I have too many other things to think about right now. I'm post when I can.

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