Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In need of prayer

Kat is rounding up prayer requests and God things today. I've been meaning to talk about these for a few weeks, but had not really had a chance. Now is a good time.

Mrs. E and I have a couple of friends that really need prayer these days. First are some friends from our church, Randy and Danielle, whose new son, Justin, has been diagnosed with Downs syndrome. He has some heart problems as a result, but his renal system seems okay. They've got a long road ahead of them and they are going to need a lot of prayer and support in the coming months and years.

My other prayer request is for a friend from college, Brad Wims, whose wife Jenny maintains a blog of their journey. I've talked about Brad before. Brad was diagnosed last year with a rare form of bone cancer. They thought then it was treatable, but earlier this year they discovered that the particular form he had did not have any proven treatment options. Without treatment, the doctors have given him only a year or two to live. Currently they are spending a few weeks in Germany (taking their two young children and some other family) while Brad undergoes some pretty radical therapy that they hope will make a difference. Pleased pray for them, for Brad to find healing and strength through this this trying ordeal.

One more thing to pray over. Next week begins the 2nd annual 40 Day Fast. Last years, hosted by Kat, moved many people and resulted in the birth of Inspired to Action. This year's Fast will be hosted through I2A. Go read some more about the fast and register to participate. We'll take more than 40 people, but will be selecting the initial 40 this Thursday night. Anyone over that will be doubled up on days. Everyone who participates will be highlighted and asked to blog about the reason for their fast.

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