Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation fever

So here's a couple of pictures from the vacation thus far. This is where we are staying: The Great Wolf Lodge, with promised indoor water park.
Great Wolf Lodge

And this is Lil'er E as we take him to the doctor. Yes, Vacation Fever did hit the Euphrony's, and sleep was not obtained last night. But we're pressing on, and Lil'E is having a blast. She's got a magic wand that she can wave at various items throughout the hotel and go on "quests" (while she's not swimming, that is).

Sick Lil'er E

Having a good time, anyway. See ya later!


Anonymous said...

Dude. That looks like a sweet place.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I wanna a vacation! Actually, just give me a week in a hotel to sleep when I want, that is vacation!

euphrony said...

Well, it took me 24 hours but I finally got out into the water park. Lot of fun, some relaxation, and some decent rides.

Now Lil'E is running a fever, too. That may just be exhaustion, though. I hope . . .

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