Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hello old friend, I hope this isn't goodbye

Isn't is bizarre how blogs can bring people together again, when you haven't see or talked in years. That happened yesterday, as Mrs. E was following blog links from one friends blog to another. All of a sudden, she found that she was reading about a guy with whom we went to church while we were at Texas A&M. He is several years younger than me, so I didn't know him that well. I knew that he had (has) a big mouth and bigger personality. He is boisterous, where I am reserved, and loud to my quiet; thus, we weren't slated to be best of friends. In fact, at times he downright annoyed me. But, I got to know him better and came to realize that while we were different Brad was still a good person and very passionate about God. We've crossed paths once or twice in the last decade, but I had not heard anything about him in years until yesterday.

And now I find that hello may be goodbye.

Last year, Brad was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. The doctors felt this cancer was treatable, though the road would be difficult. Then, late last month, the prognosis changed. That "rare cancer" that "rarely metastasizes", went from his leg to his lungs and is "uncharacteristically" spreading more quickly than previously documented in other cases. Their original treatment plan is out the window; Brad's cancer has no known successful treatment at this time.

He and his wife face two options. First, they can do nothing for now, facing a 6 month - 2 year prognosis. The other choice is to try an experiment chemo drug which could slow the cancer, have no effect, or speed it's growth - they don't know which. One ray of hope may be in the collective knowledge of several experts. One of Brad's oncologists is at a conference today, taking this opportunity to present his test results before a panel of doctors. Maybe they can glean some hope from this.

Please pray for Brad. Go to his wife's blog and let them know that your are praying. And pray for his little boy and girl - both about the same ages as the Little E's.

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Anonymous said...

wow, how scary, and sad, will pray for him.

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