Monday, August 18, 2008

Music Monday: The "Stranded on an Island" question

For this edition of Music Monday, I am posing the classic music question:

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have three albums, what three would you take.
Okay, so the question is a bit ludicrous from the outset - I mean, how many people plan on getting stranded and would then chose to only take a couple of records with them (as opposed to, say, a satellite phone and survival gear). But accept that and just tell me what music would be what you could not do without. Or, would you make an "Island Mix" CD? Do tell, please.

(My answers will be in the comments, so click on through to find out.)


euphrony said...

My island music would be:

1) Benny Goodman's Live at Carnegie Hall - Okay, this is a cheat right off the bat, naming a 2-CD set. But Benny is my favorite among the jazz/big band era artists and this is a great album.
2) Either Glad's The Acapella Project or The King's Singers Watching The White Wheat- I've always loved vocal music, and these two groups are my favorites. I would take either album and enjoy.
3) Sara Groves' Conversations - I still come back to this as my favorite of her work, and she is my favorite artist so . . .

erin said...

This question is impossible! But I'll answer anyway. :)

1. Something by Bethany Dillon, probably a mix of all of my favorites by her. I love love love her!

2. Journey's Greatest Hits. I know, I know, cheesy.

3. The Beatle's Greatest Hits.

LJ said...

1. audio book of survival skills
2. natasha bedingfield's pocketful of sunshine
3. brooke fraser. albertine.

Anonymous said...

How about The Highwaymen, The Village Stompers, and The Kingston Trio.
Your father

Anonymous said...

1. Anything by radio head because they are great for day dreaming to..
2. Worship circle 1st circle (I could just listen to this over and over and it would make me feel like I was with real people who were singing too)
3. And a happy cd, something like... The Postal Service

Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

1. Brooke Fraser - Albertine
2. Amy Grant - Lead Me On
3. Andrea Bocelli - Songo

Really, these are just the first that came to my head that would be on the short list. They are not my definitive answers, so should I be sent to a desert island anytime soon, please note that this list may be modified.

Amy said...

1. The Far Country Andrew Peterson
2. A Grateful People Watermark
3. August and Everything After Counting Crows

Anonymous said...

I've actually made playlists based on this concept (too hard to pick albums since I have over 4,000), so here's my Christian playlist.

Kevin's Top 20 Deserted Island Songs-Christian

1)Amy Grant - El Shaddai
2)Nichole Nordeman - Why
3)Bebo Norman - I Will Lift My Eyes
4)Fernando Ortega - Give Me Jesus
5)MercyMe - Keep Singing
6)Jars of Clay - Liquid
7)Lifehouse - Everything
8)Sara Groves - Maybe There's A Loving God
9)Downhere - A Better Way
10)Caedmon's Call - Faith My Eyes
11)Big Daddy Weave - Completely Free
12)Anberlin - The Unwinding Cable Car
13)Todd Agnew - My Jesus
14)Shaun Groves - Here I Am
15)Phillips, Craig & Dean - Let My Words Be Few
16)Plumb - Cut
17)Chris Rice - Welcome To Our World
18)Smalltown Poets - Long, Long Way
19)Story Side B - Be Still
20)Derek Webb - Lover

euphrony said...

Interesting picks, everyone.

Kevin, I'm not surprised that you had a playlist ready.

Kat, I'm not surprised that Albertine was top of your list.

Amy, ditto the A.P. topping your list.

Erin, don't stop belivin'

Lorijo, A survival skills book? Where's the fun in that?

(And my dad commented on my blog!)

Cristy said...

1. Andrew Peterson - Far Country (STILL can't quit coming back to that one.)

2. Shaun Groves - One Night in Knoxville

3. Derek Webb - Mockingbird
(Straight from my iTunes most played...)

if allowed to take more:
4. Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism
5. Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
6. Casting Crowns - all albums
7. Third Day - all albums

I have some older ones that have many plays on my iPod, too, like Styx - Anthology, Jewel - Pieces of You, Meatloaf - Bat Out of Hell, some James Taylor songs, some Lynyrd Skynyrd songs....and a few country songs from my teen years. Don't hold that against me.

euphrony said...

Cristy, the simple fact that you included Bat Out Of Hell in that list precludes me holding any of them against you.

Cristy said...

Whew, glad I put that one down then! ha

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