Thursday, August 21, 2008

Remember Justin? (please pray)

Do you remember when I talked about Justin last month? He is the four-month old son of some good friends of ours, born with Downs Syndrome, and has a few problems with his heart. His surgery got delayed from when I last posted (there were other children with more imminent surgical needs) but he is in the OR this morning. The surgery should last 5-6 hours (into the afternoon) as they repair a few holes, build a new valve, and remove a couple of shunts that should not be there after birth.

Please pray for Justin, and for his parents - Randy and Danielle - today in surgery and in the coming days as Justin recovers. You can keep up on Danielle's blog. In fact, if you don't mind, pop over and leave a note telling them you're praying for Justin. Thanks.

UPDATE: Poor guys, they got bumped again. Things were running late this morning, and then another child ended up needing immediate surgery. As Danielle said, it was really God's providence: if Justin had been in the OR, there would have been no open room for the other child and the consequences could have been bad. They are now set for September 8th. Please keep praying.


Cristy said...

I didn't see this yesterday but the strange this is that I was going to ask you today what was going on with him. So, when I got on here, it kind of weirded me out that you had answered the question I hadn't yet asked.

I saved his pic from your last post to my desktop so I can see his little face each morning and pray for him.

euphrony said...

Cristy, thanks for the prayers for Justin.

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