Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just something to think about

I took this picture the last time I went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science with Lil'E and Lil'er E. It is in the butterfly exhibit. In case you can't read from the picture below, it lets you know that

  • Chocolate can contain up to 35 insect parts per 1.5-oz bar and
  • Tomato paste can contain up to 20 fly eggs or 2 maggots in a 4-oz can.
These are according to allowances set out by the FDA. Enjoy your lunch!

(Please, no hate mail from women who are now conflicted about eating their chocolate. Thank you.)

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NatCh said...

How about hate-mail from men who are now conflicted about eating their chocolate?

Lucky for you I spent so long in Scouts. :D

Anonymous said...

insects = extra protein, right?

I can totally do without tomato paste. I'll make my own, thank you...

Anonymous said...

*sigh* my 2 faves chocolate and tomatoes...

erin said...

Ewww. I hope I can put this entire post out of my mind.

euphrony said...

Kristin, no telling what home-made looks like. I hope better.

NatCh, I'm sorry. But it doesn't stop us from eating all the chocolate in your house, does it?

erin, it will probably stick with you forever. Don't blame me for any needed counseling, either.

JSue said...

I must agree with your labels:
"things I know I should not have done..." and "things I should have run by Mrs. E first"

I would like to petition to have the word "maggot" removed from the English language.

Now, off to eat my DARK chocolate - at least it's a little better for me, a little...(sigh!)

euphrony said...

JSue, didn't you see the same signs when you went the the butterfly exhibit last Friday? It's right there by the honeycomb playground.

JSue said...

Nope, they must've taken it down! (Of course, there was a section downstairs from the play area that I missed part of due to "feeding" the little man)

The playroom was, well...in pretty sad shape. There wasn't much of anything except some incomplete puzzles and broken cootie toys.
It didn't matter to my girls though. They have such a great imagination.

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