Monday, August 25, 2008

Knowledge exploring is oh so lyrical when you think thoughts that are empirical!

Lil'E at her first day of kindergartenYep, from this day forward our little girl with be exploring knowledge and swimming off to "the dropoff" five days a week. Lil'E is officially a kindergarten kid.

(Pause while Mr. and Mrs. E wipe their teary eyes)

I'm still trying to figure out how this happened. It seems like just the other day I was changing her diapers and teaching her to say "mama" and "dada" and "route 44 diet coke". Now she can already spell them and some other words, plus draw like a big kid and ignore her parents like a teenager. Where has the time gone?

We went to the school on Friday to meet her teacher. While Lil'E put away her school supplies Lil'er E nearly disassembled her nicely put-together room (she was glad to see him leaving, I think). She seems nice - at least she doesn't look like an evil teacher, right?
Lil'E and her kindergarten teacher
Can't say that we're not a little nervous. We've heard many good things about the school and the school district, but with so many people now opting to homeschool or private school their kids you can't help but question if you're doing the right thing. One thing that seems certain (at least right now) is that homeschooling is not an option - Lil'E simply won't let us teach her anything, but she listens well to "teacher". We'll just have to see what life brings and continue the great debate (I'm almost afraid to ask for advice), but I'm fairly confident that the school will be terrific and she'll do great.

So, off we go on the next great adventure of parenting.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations to her!

We just had our first official day of school today too. They've had a couple of half days to get them used to it.

It's a little nerve racking. I also feel really great about the school and the teacher, so I'm pretty sure that at least for this year, it's going to go great!

Cristy said...

My baby started his senior year this year. :*( Looks like Lil'E and her teacher will get along famously!

euphrony said...

Kristin, I don't think Mrs. E slept a wink last night. So nerve racking is something we can associate with.

Cristy, please don't remind me how fast they grow. It's too traumatic right now.

I think Lil'E is going to love it. I kept trying to remind her of where to go and who to ask if she gets lost or needs anything. Her response, in an exasperated tone "I know, dad!" It's as if she doesn't need me anymore :(

texasinafrica said...

Awww, how sweet! She looks very excited to be off to school, even if mom and dad aren't handling it so well. I'd say her independence and fearlessness is a sign that you've raised her well for the process of letting go.

And on the homeschool debate, all I can say is that I'm really glad my parents sent us to public school because we learned to get along with all kinds of different people. That's a skill that's served me well.

JSue said...

She'll do fine! The choice to homeschool or send them to public school or private school is a personal one. No one can tell you which one to choose. AND you shouldn't regret whichever choice you make.

Maddie started kindergarten today, too -- at home! I'm not sure if this is what's best for her, but it's what she wanted, so I'm giving it my all so that she has the best year she can. (This will be her first opportunity to stay home with me since I quit my job in July.)

You'll have to stop over @ my "place" to see how it to appear sometime tonight!

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