Monday, November 17, 2008

Music Monday: Heart-wrenching music

You may not realize it, but tomorrow, November 18th, is the 30th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre. In total, there were 909 people dead - more than a third of them children. Today, to most people, Jonestown and Jim Jones have been reduced to little more than an aphorism, a cliche warning us not to "drink the Kool-Aid".

I was only five when this terrible thing came to pass, but I remember how the news filled the airwaves and shocked everyone. The memory of this has always brought me sorrow. As with so many other events, this is ingrained on my memory and makes me consider my actions, my choices, and their consequences carefully.

So today, as I remember what happened three decades ago, I think of songs that rend my heart. As long as there is evil in the world, as long as there are men whose passion for themselves is greater than their love for God, we will sing songs of morning and sorrow. Here are two of my favorite songs, songs that tear me apart and fill me with sorrow (in a good way).

Shaun Groves' "Sad Song"

Nickel Creek's "The Lighthouse Tale"

What are some of your favorite sad songs?

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Anonymous said...

Hi E., Great topic. Naturally I have a playlist based on "Sad Song" by our mutually favorite soft rocker. Do you use "Genius" on iTunes to make playlists? I LOVE that feature. Anyway, some other songs in that category (which I've deemed "Christian emo") along with "Sad Song" by Shaun Groves for me includes "The Hammer Holds" by Bebo Norman, "Opposite Way" and "Tears Of The Saints" by Leeland, "Take Away" and "Where Your Heart Belongs" by Mainstay, "The Light Will Come" by Phil Wickham, "The Unwinding Cable Car" by Anberlin, "Be Still" by Storyside:B, "Beloved" by Tenth Avenue North, "A Beter Way" by downhere, "Speak To Me Gently" by Future of Forestry, "Center Of Attention" by Jackson Waters, "To See You Leave" by After Edmund, "Oh My God" and "Worlds Apart" by Jars of Clay, "Surely We Can Change" by David Crowder*Band, "Rich Young Ruler" by Derek Webb, "It's Going To Be Alright", "I Saw What I Saw" and "Maybe There's A Loving God" by Sara Groves, and "Faith Don't Fail" and "Testify" by Joy Whitlock.

erin said...

Good song choices! The first time I heard "Lighthouse Tale" it actually made me cry. And I echo Kevin's comment about Genius on iTunes; it's awesome!

euphrony said...

I have this little problem with iTunes. You see, I can't access it at work (blocked by the company). Since the only time I can hit it is at home, and I do very little on the computer at home (spending time with the fam, and all) I have yet to try to use Genius.

However, I've used similar things that have led me to copious good music over the years.

Anonymous said...

E., I don't know what I did before iTunes. There are crackberry's (addicted to blackberry) and I don't know what they call me, but I'm iPodified (just made that up) at all times. On this topic, I've been listening to "sad songs" all week and with "genius" you can refresh your playlists. Here are some of the oter "sad songs" iTunes picked from my library to go with "Sad Song" by Shaun Groves: "Shoreline" by Deas Vail, "I Want A Broken Heart" by Derek Webb, "From Underneath" by Hawk Nelson, "Better" by Plumb, "O'Child" by Nevertheless, "In The Middle" by Mat Kearney, "Ocean Size Love" by Leigh Nash, "There Will Be A Day" by Jeremy Camp, "Signature of Divine" by NEEDTOBREATHE, "We Are One Tonight" by Switchfoot, "A Love Song" by Stellar Kart, "If You Find Her" by Future of Forestry and "Praise And Adore" by Wavorly. Amazing set of songs and they really hit the mark. Did I mention that I LOVE "genius" from iTunes?

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