Friday, November 14, 2008

News Flash: Euphrony updates blogroll, stock market dives 338 points

Maybe it means the end of the world, but it needed to be done. I've updated my blogroll (that thing on the right hand sidebar where your blog is linked to from my blog). I did a little arranging while I was at it. There are a couple of blogs that I don't want to take off my list, but since they collectively blog about once a month I felt they should be separated into a "slow lane" of the information highway.

What, you don't see your blog listed over there? Well, let me know about it and I'll put it before the management and see what can be done. But if further losses in the stock markets ensue, don't blame me!

While I'm at it, you can enjoy this child's homework (not one of mine!) that needed some adult proofing before turning it in.

(I'm told this mother works at Home Depot – she is selling a shovel. The teacher thought she was a pole dancer.)


erin said...

Add me, please! I update more frequently than once a month, at least. :) (You're on my blogroll as well.)

erin said...

OH, and that picture is hilarious!!

JSue said...

Awe...I made the list! Should I feel special or would that just be silly?

Love your slow lane "If they would blog, I would read" only wish I had thought of that first.

Well...back to facebook!

euphrony said...

Erin, you're in.

JSue, you can feel special and be silly. Go right ahead.

Amy said...

I LOVE that if they would blog I would read!!!

texasinafrica said...

That picture is amazing. And I'm with Amy!

euphrony said...

TiA, see what you're missing out on by teaching at the college level. There's an unwritten rule between parents and teachers of young children - don't believe half of or talk about anything the child tells you about the other. Children have no filters and only a basic understanding of subtle meanings - this naturally leads to hilarity and embarrassment.

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