Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Things to do while in the dentist chair

Euphrony had his semi-annual dental check up and cleaning yesterday. As I sat with my mouth open and mind wandering for 40 minutes I had plenty of time to come up with ideas of how to fill the time. Below are a few suggestions for time in the hot seat:

  1. Stare into the big, bright light directly in front of your face (with a follow-up visit to your optometrist).
  2. Tap your toes to the best mellow hits of the 70's, 80's, 90's, and today!
  3. Contemplate one's navel (but not the lint).
  4. Count ceiling tiles (my dentist has large tiles, so only four were visible, along with two fluorescent light banks and one air vent).
  5. Think of things to do in a dentist chair and mentally write a blog post about it.
  6. Sleep (requires some talent to keep mouth agape and not snore in the process).
  7. Go through a mid-life crisis (nice because it gets compressed into a short time frame, and you're already in pain from the dentist picking at your gums).
Any other suggestions?

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NatCh said...

If you're feeling anti-social enough: audiobooks. :)

Douglas said...

* Figure out how to integrate daily flossing into one's schedule.
* Figure out an excuse for not taking care of one's teeth for not just this visit, but the next three years.
* Practice symbolic integration in one's head. Start with easy things like sin(x) and see how far one can get.
* Contemplate various business ideas.
* Figure out ways to promote Compassion Intl/CFCA/One's favorite charity.
* Listen to the dentist/dental hygienist blather on about whatever is on their mind and grunt acknowledgement at appropriate times.
* Plan a nice, romantic date with your wife.


Mrs TD said...

I am fairly certain we have the same dentist and I can't believe you have time to think while in the dentist chair! He loves to ask how everything is going with the family and a barrage of other questions while his hands are working on my teeth. So my mind is always swirling around trying to figure out how to give an answer without moving my mouth.
Way to go for your multitasking brain. (I used to have one, but now it's just baby mush)

Mrs. TD

euphrony said...

NatCh, I considered my iPod. But my dentist is one of our church elders, and a pretty nice guy at that, so I felt that would be a little rude.

Mrs. TD, our experience is that in the office he puts on his game face. It's all business as long as the mask and rubber gloves are on. Scared Mrs. E to death the first time she went to him; we're just not used to seeing him that serious.

MB, I was thinking of telling him how Lil'er E loves to walk around with a toothbrush in his mouth (at 21 months). You know, as a distraction from my own problems. And I did do some math in my head, too.

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