Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Worship and poetry

Here is the song "Make us One", sung by Cindy Morgan and co-written by her and Michael W. Smith. Beautiful on so many levels. The lyrics are pure poetry. The sound of Cindy singing this is amazing.

Children below, fresh from the foe,
Hands 'neath the moonlight, Lord please make us one.
We hear the tide roll through the night,
Come lead the weary, Lord pleas make us one.

Children rejoice, come to the voice,
Song of the angels healing the broken ones.
Seasons of rain, battles unwon
Lead to the fountain, wash and make us one.

All hearts rejoice with mighty voice,
Make us a rainbow, Lord please make us one.
Light in the sky, Breath of our life,
Unite the rainbow, Lord please make us one.

Make us a rainbow, Lord please make us one.

If you want a suggestion, check out her new album, Beautiful Bird. Also, she has a free download at the moment, a new song called "Innocent", which you can download by going here and registering for her site.

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erin said...

I love that song! I believe it was on a compilation CD I had at some point, and I used to play it over and over. Cindy Morgan has such a great voice and an amazing range. Her album The Loving Kind is one of my all-time favorites.

euphrony said...

Erin, it is on the CD Exodus and the live CD A Night in Rocketown.

Anonymous said...

WHAT?!?! Music?! It is soooo NOT Monday!

euphrony said...

I make no apologies. I am anti-scheduling, as I have made clear in the past.

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