Thursday, September 07, 2006

Music Spotlight

So, my wife says I’m crazy, but I think I have a friend on board with me on this. On September 21st, at the Texas State Forest Festival in Lufkin – a mere two hours from my home – there will be a Christian music festival, sponsored by the local Christian station KSWP 90.9. Though this is a weeknight, and two hours away from my home, I plan on going. Drive up after work to make the show at 6:30 and then drive home only to get up and go to work the next day. So, Erin's always known I was crazy anyway; this just proves the point to her.

Sara GrovesBut I just can't pass up this opportunity - the show will headline Sara Groves, my favorite artist. Over the last couple of years, I have absolutely been stricken with Sara's music. In it I hear deep spiritual and scriptural messages, but somehow she manages to answer the "So what?" question and apply her lessons to life. There is an openness and honesty in her music that is lacking in many artists. The real stories she tells are so easily transferred to my own experiences, and never fail to bring me to my knees to prostrate myself before the Lord she sings about. The show will also feature a couple of other, newer artists. Also in attendance will be Anthony Evans, who has been doing some pretty good music, and also Ana Laura will be there. She's been getting some decent press and I look forward to hearing her music live.

LeelandBut, besides being excited about seeing Sara Groves there, I am also excited about Leeland being there for the music festival. This band has gotten a real buzz about their music and the talent of their 17-year old front-man. What I've heard on the radio I have liked. They should make for a good addition to this show. Incidentally, you can read a recent interview with Leeland at Christianity Today. Considering that Ana Laura, Anthony Evans, and Leeland are all Texas groups (from Brownsville, Dallas, and Baytown, respectively) it will be interesting to see how Minnesotan Sara Groves will fare among so many Texans.

Jimmy NeedhamAnd, also looking at another new artist, Jimmy Needham has a recent interview with CM Central that was interesting to read. I first heard his music when I caught the free-download promo CD iPop 2006. This is a collection of a dozen songs, some from more established names on the inpop label (newsboys, Tree63, Superchic[k]) and some from a few newer groups (Matt Kearney, Jimmy Needham, and Foolish Things). Another thing, it seems Jimmy is also a Texan - from Houston - and is currently trying to finish a degree in history at Texas A&M (take that, all you Baylor Bears who occasion my site) while getting ready to get married. Busy guy.

So, that's what I've got on my mind musically at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Lufkin's not that far away... might be worth it...

euphrony said...

My thoughts exactly. Tell me if you go; I'll shake your hand and say hello.

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