Monday, September 18, 2006

Get to know me!

Calvin animated gifHi. My name's Euphrony. Thanks for stopping by today. We're going to have a little meet and greet. Please, pull up a chair, sit down grab some chips and dip, and lets talk. I'll tell you a little about me and you can file it away for later use in a lawsuit or restraining order.

  1. I am genetically incapable of being late anywhere. As the agreed-upon time of arrival approaches, my head begins to explode if I am not already there. (Mrs. Euphrony has fun with this.)
  2. I cannot attach a suction cup to anything and get it to stick for more than a minute. Who ever thought up using these as methods of attachment, anyway?
  3. I cannot find people in a crowd of any size. I will wander around like a lost puppy until found and returned to my owner.
  4. I love music of all kinds and follow music news and events actively.
  5. Same with movies.
  6. I listen mostly to "talkie" songs. This is according to Mrs. Euphrony, who says she prefers to listen to "singie" songs.
  7. I always have a song running through my head. A former coworker took advantage of this by planting jingles periodically. His favorite: "What would you dooo for a Klondike bar?". I will now hum this until it is supplanted.
  8. The one song that dominates my life is "The Girl from Ipanema", not because I love it so much, or connect with its bossa nova groove on some deep spiritual level. This is #7 again; I cannot ever get this song out of my brain! Bye bye , Klondike bar song (do, do do, do di di do da da do . . . please make it stop!)
  9. #8 should become very interesting in about two months, when I will likely have a business trip that takes me near (possibly on) Ipanema beach. I may go mad. Tee hee hee.
  10. In my life I have played guitar (briefly), piano, and percussion instruments galore (though mostly tympani and xylophone). I have recently taken up playing the recorder to amuse my 3-year old daughter.
  11. I work in the field of rheology. I get sick of Bill Gates and spell checkers everywhere asking me if I really meant to type "theology" instead of "rheology". Yes, I know the letters "T" and "R" are adjacent on the keyboard, but they are two different fields, both of which I study and both of which I will type about. They are distinct words, so give me some credit for knowing what I'm typing, already!
  12. If you haven't figured it out by reading my blog, I have a passion for Christ and His church.
  13. I am rather "Monkish" - i.e. I am very obsessive/compulsive and I can develop unhealthy fixations (music, games, TV, reading - I do them all or nothing).
Well, that's a piece me for you to mull over. Thank you for coming to today's confessional. I feel better having gotten these things off my chest. Maybe by sharing some of this with you, I will become a better man (take that infernal song out of my mind! it burns! it burns!). Feel free to schedule your own confessional. This room is open for such a use.

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Anne said...

#1 You are just like my husband. I am genetically incapable of being on time. It drives him insane yet, he waits patiently in the car with the kids for me.

#2 Okay?

#7 I always have a song in my head as well. I used to sing cartoon songs at work to irritate my boss so he would have it in his head as he headed out to court. Like the tune to "Spider Man" or the "FlintStones". :)

#10 I play guitar. My son has taken percussion (teacher wants to hold off until next Fall when he's 8) and is about to begin piano lessons. I just love music.

#11 Rheology? I had to go here
to read about it.

#12 I didn't think it was THAT obvious. :) By the way, I do as well except I word it as "I have a passion for God and His Truth".

euphrony said...

Sorry. I meant to include a link for an explaination of rheology. The author, Faith Morrison, gives a good explaination. I've met her, and she knows what she says. We're all taught that honey/mayo comparison - it is about the only way most people can relate to what we study.

If you noticed in the article, she mentions the Deborah Number, which is a measure of how easily a material will flow. This is named after the Deborah in Judges, who sings "The mountains quaked [Lit. flowed] at the presence of the LORD," - Judges 5:5 (NASB).

Anonymous said...

Being on time = respecting people.

It's a safe bet that you're deferential, generally kind, and an altogether mature person.

Oh, yeah -- it so happens I care about being on time, too. But that doesn't color my opinion of what it means, I'm just sayin'...


euphrony said...

Brant, those are such kind words from an obviously respectable and upright person.

Thanks for stopping by. And I appreciate the linkage.

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