Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A prayer to Jehovah

Bless me indeed, Lord; lay your hand on my life.

Will you bless me as you have blessed Abraham, with a legacy of faith to children of faith?
Will you bless me as you blessed Isaac? He had kings and nations in fear of him, an individual, because of the evident presence of Almighty God in his life.
Will you bless me as you did Solomon, with wisdom and wealth and life?
Will you bless me as you blessed Bartimaeus? You silenced those who would have dismissed this blind beggar; you gave him sight and honored the faith he held.
Will you bless me as you blessed Cornelius and his household? You gave hope and salvation where once there had been none.

Or, will you bless me in the way you blessed Abijah, son of the first king of divided Israel, Jeroboam? You allowed him to die in illness, the only one of his family with a heart for the Lord, rather than live to see the calamity and shame that would befall his family for their sins.
Will you bless me as you blessed David, spending half his life fleeing enemies including his best friend’s father and his own children?
Will you bless me as you showered Job with blessings? Through his suffering he was able to at last say to his Master "My ears had heard of you; but now my eyes have seen you."
Will you bless me as the righteous man in Isaiah 57? Perishing, unmourned; no one understands that his death is a relief from the evil that besets him.
Will you bless me as you blessed Paul and Silas? Beaten and imprisoned, the God in their hearts overflowed and changed the lives of those around them.

Fill my life with your Spirit; let your Mighty Hand never depart from me. Jehovah, bless me. Indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Did you write this? It's a good summary of how our definition of "blessed" doesn't always match up to God's.

euphrony said...

I was praying on my drive in to work yesterday morning. This is where it lead. I wanted to share it, so I posted some of what I prayed over.

Carrie said...

you found me... very sneaky... now we can be blog buddies :)

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