Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Prayer Updates

If you’ve noticed, my left sidebar is pretty much dedicated to presenting some of the current items for which I am in prayer. I invite you to pray for these, as well (inviting others to pray is, after all, why I place them on my blog). Some of these I change infrequently and some may be updated daily or weekly; but I can assure you that there are no stale items on this list.

Prayer has always been an important part of my life – okay, a lot of Christians may say that, but I really mean it. It has always been a burden God has placed on my heart to be in prayer for my life and for others around me. Through the years, I have learned (and relearned) what is meant by pray without ceasing. This attitude was refocused a few years ago when I discovered Samuel’s words to Israel in 1 Samuel 12:23. After the people are convicted of their sin in seeking an earthly king and they ask Samuel to pray for them. Samuel responds

"Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD by ceasing to pray for you." (NASB)
Wow. It still hits me. To not pray for my brothers is a sin. On top of that, I am not sinning against my brother that I neglect, but against Jehovah! This verse constantly reminds me the importance of prayer; prayer that is so necessary that its absence is tantamount to an absence from God’s presence.

So, here are a few updates on prayer these prayer items:

  • I’ve been asking you to pray for two sets of friends whose marriages are in trouble, both having been separated for several weeks. There is mixed news on these. One couple spent the weekend together, with their kids, at a big family gathering. Their separation has not been much of a secret, so their being there together may be a good sign. The other couple, though, continues to have problems. The husband moved out one month ago (just days after their 9th anniversary) and last week presented her with divorce papers. I do not know how much hope there is left in this marriage. Please continue to pray for both.

  • Our friends, Jeff and Erin, have safely return from Vietnam with their new daughter, Selah. She is precious and the entire family is excited at the addition of this little girl. It may seem the hard part is over (huge expenses, weeks of travel to remote areas) but the long-term adjustment of the family, especially Selah, is just beginning. The signs so far show that she is adopting and bonding to the family that has adopted her.

  • I had asked you to be praying for Will, a young boy (11, I believe) who has had multiple health problems throughout his life (cancer, heart, etc.). This week, he and his family are on a Make a Wish trip, actually a pirate adventure argh! They are celebrating his current good health and I think they all enjoy seeing some of his hair starting to grow back.Thank you for considering these people in your prayer time.
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