Saturday, September 15, 2007

Amoeba Soccer

Today marked the first soccer game in Lil'E's potentially fabulous career. Under 5 soccer is some of the funnest stuff to watch. You know they just don't get it. They try and try, but you have to tell them five times a minute which way to go and what to do. And they move around the field like an amoeba. Here's a shot of Lil'E doing the right thing. Yeah!
Lil'E's first soccer game
(She's the girl in green in the middle. The guy in green really tore up the field.)

It's a crazy process, if you've never been through it. The park had cops directing traffic in the parking lot. Since last week's game was rained out, she actually had a chance to practice before her first game. The uniform she got - sized "youth medium", aka it almost could have fit me, the chubby thirty something man. Crazy. About two minutes into the game, Lil'E got the ball and was moving it down field when someone on the other team kicked it away from her. She stopped, drooped her head, and ran to me on the sidelines crying. Four years of teaching her to share seems to have left its mark. Now I have to deprogram her for game-time only. Transform her from kind, gentle little girl to ruthless soccer fiend. Yeah!



Anonymous said...

I just want to print this picture and hang it on my wall! So cute! I love watching lil ones "play" soccer. Most hilarious entertainment ever!!!

Thanks for sharing!

The Secret Life of Kat said...

That is a great picture.

Watching little kids play soccer is SO cute.

I took my oldest daughter to her first ballet class this week and that was pretty cute too!

Douglas said...

Boy, the jersey is all the way down to the some of the kids' wrists and one boys shorts are below his knees.

Dave Barry has some apt observations from his own daughters soccer experience at 4 years old.


euphrony said...

I believe I did mention that the uniforms were several sizes too large.

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