Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All the roads that lead to Euphrony

Taste-o-VisionI recently asked all of my "loyal" readers where they come from, why they read, and what their perfect sundae would be. I actually had "loyal" readers respond - although only one listed their sundae selection (thanks, MammasBoy). Since interest was so low in sharing sundaes, I have officially scrapped the project of adapting Taste-o-Vision to my blog. Your loss.

My last post seemed aimed at amusing myself. At least, no one else got the joke. Again, your loss.

Today I bring you a selection of what brings strangers here. At one time, my top incoming search was for "Dora the Explorer". Alas, Dora has been usurped by ultrasounds. It would seem that lots of people are interested of those funny pictures of our innards. Here's the list, compiled from incoming searches from the last week (including the searcher's choice of spelling and capitalization):

3 week old embryo
character and attributes of the holy spirit
22 week fetus
optometrist glasses
ultrasound images of cmv
belated birthday present
how fast were the pitches in 1927
counting songs
Boy with and without glasses
ahab, was he a god fearing person
8.5 days pregnant
fast in conclusion
8 week 2 day ultrasound
video of "end of the line" by traveling wilbury
backing accidents
free ultrasound Houston
TAERT (I actually used this, but why anyone would search for it is beyond me)
Picture Dag
Bob Ross
donne meditation XVII analysis
birth plan
baby swing recall with ducks
what is neil peart worth
men who cut their "own hair"
touched by the holy spirit
t (actually, this simple search was repeated more than once)
last night got to do it (umm, what "it"???)
Acoustic Versions Susan Ashton
Halloween menus
paperclip outlet stupid kid
let my hands do God's work
lead paint toy recall
jimmy needham
the 3 tenors (big after Pavarotti's death)
In a way, each of us has an El Guapo to face (a personal favorite)
high white blood cell count face
wanted what my dog got
buddy rich vs animal
how to say thank you in a funny way
because I love I love her

I don't expect this to interest anyone, particularly. I'm just amusing myself. As usual. Ignore the strange kid in the corner.

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Douglas said...

My problem with your last post was that it was just too long to wade through at work right now (and I no longer have internet access at home). Can you hire a modern Goldman to write the 'good parts' version?


erin said...

Oops, I completely forgot about the sundae part of your question in my excitement over seeing the word "bailiwick."

I am not always the best at commenting because I use bloglines to catch up on blogs, and I can't always comment at the time I read the post and sometimes forget to go back to it later.

Those are some funny search terms. I can't figure out who would be searching for "t," but people search for just about anything I suppose.

euphrony said...

Updated search item: "woman at the well" soda machine.

I don't know if this is in reference to a bad preacher story or to an actual "Christian" product. But, if it's for sale I might just buy it!

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