Thursday, September 06, 2007

Natural Disaster: The Kids Game!

Dear United Nations,

Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to plan for and possibly mitigate natural disasters in an
80's-style video game. I sincerely appreciate how you were so deftly able to teach me the importance of defences, warning systems, and community building opportunities in the face of floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes. I promise that next time I will not place the hospital on the beach, without proper structural supports, before a tsunami hits. In retrospect, that was probably not the best move. Same goes for building the emergency shelter as a grass hut when a wildfire was likely. My bad.

Tsunami Scene

Most important, I want to thank you for preventing me from demolishing, willy-nilly, the existing infrastructure of a community for the base purpose of building up my hotel empire. I can only assume that this is symbolic that you, the United Nations, are deeply interested in every community - large or small - and of the power you wield sufficient to prevent greedy "players" from taking advantage of the common man.

Wildfire in Progress

I am eagerly awaiting the famine, pestilence, and genocide editions, which I will play with equal fervor. Until then, I will have to continue to practice my skills at staving off these basic natural disasters.


P.S. I love your
other kid's offerings, as well.

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Douglas said...


Re my comment on shlog about soccer. I wasn't trying to get on your case, just trying to explain what a tough job coordinating soccer for 4 year olds can be (and probably venting a bit). I'm sure you would be one of the reliable ones for helping out, unlike most people. Warning: vent ahead. I had a 75% no-show rate for goal setup help.


euphrony said...

No offense taken. I am one of the ones who will be involved. However, all of Saturday's games were canceled because of wet fields, so there remains a chance that she will practice before the first game.

Holding out hope . . .

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