Friday, September 14, 2007

Musical Mish-Mash

  1. If you like free music, go to FreeCCM right now. For the exchange of your e-mail address (which they only use to tell you about when new music is available on FreeCCM) you can currently download songs from:
    • Phil Wickham - "Sailing on a Ship" from Cannons
    • Chris Rice - "It Is Well With My Soul" from Peace Like A River: The Hymns Project
    • Fee - "Grace Will Be My Song" from We Shine
    • Todd Agnew - "Our Great God" from Better Questions

  2. I recently discovered that Charlie Peacock did a best-of album back in 2003, called Full Circle. Only he didn't just slap the old music on a new disk, he asked friends he's worked with to collaborate on re-making the songs with him. Good stuff! The opener is "In The Light" (for those who didn't realize, he wrote and recorded this song long before dcTalk was a band), with Sara Groves sharing vocal duties. The music is done by Béla Fleck and Phil Keaggy, whose interplay between banjo and guitar is wonderful listening. Here's a clip:

  3. While we're talking about Sara Groves, Stephen pointed out that she has a video from her upcoming album Tell Me What You Know out. Watch it now.

    "I Saw What I Saw"

  4. Last of all, while we're talking about Sara Groves' new album, I am expecting to get a pre-release copy in the next day of two. Look for a review to show up here sometime the last week of September.
That's all for now.

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erin said...

Do you know about They also have free songs each week by Christian artists, usually those who are somewhat new to the genre, but not always. I'm all about free music!

And I look forward to the Sara Groves review; I really love her music.

euphrony said...

I use all the time - at least, when they update. It's been a little slow the last couple of months, but for the year I probably average around 4 or 5 free song downloads every week, from various sources.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you discovered Full Circle. I'm generally not a fan of Peacock's production, but I like his solo stuff. And I think Full Circle is his best album, besides being a great concept for a "greatest hits" record. The reason I bought it when it came out is for the track you mentioned, but the rest of it is great too.

About Sara's record, my question is how did you manage to score a pre-release? I'm jealous now... :-)

euphrony said...

"how did you manage to score a pre-release?"

Well, its a long story. Very complicated. I asked. Once in a while, it works.

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