Friday, September 07, 2007

Who are you people?

And why do you keep reading over my shoulder?

No, seriously, who are all of you people who read/view my ramblings? According to
Feedburner, I hit an all-time high of 30 subscribers to my feed. I don't even begin to have a clue as to who all of you people are, but you must be gluttons for the ramblings of a rheologist to keep checking out what I have to say. (Or, maybe not, considering the interest in my last several posts. Maybe I'm really all alone, here, in the dark and cold recesses of the internet. *gulp* Mommy! I'm scared!)

Subscribers pie chart

Okay, so seriously (Wait, I already said that, didn't I? Well, I mean it this time.) who are you and why to you read. It can't be my poor attempts at witty banter, and surely it's not my magnetic personality (although that would be cool). Maybe it's my penchant for parenthetical statements (or not); maybe you are all rambling rheologists just like me. I don't know.

Tell me, please, your name and
bailiwick. If not your bailiwick, then what is your milieu? What brings you to these parts of the bloggosphere (should that be one "g" or two)? Finally, what is your perfect sundae?

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Douglas said...

I read because rheology is cool!

euphrony said...

Very good. More rheology posts in the future. MB, what are your feelings on statistical mechanics?

Anonymous said...

I read because I'm a glutton for punishment from an Aggie who (mistakenly) thinks his kid is cuter than mine.

euphrony said...

I'm sorry, Kat, but I don't read parenthetical statements. Simple policy.

Amy said...

Ha! I read because I want to! I came here from shlog a long time ago and have stuck around.

erin said...

I first read because of the 40 Day Fast, and now I read because you use fabulous words like "bailiwick." (My bailiwick, by the way, is English, and right now I teach written composition to college freshmen.)

I think it's spelled blogosphere. :)

Anne said...

I have no clue why I come here. :) I never understand anything you're saying.

euphrony said...

Anne, thanks for coming by anyway. If its any consolation, I don't think I understand what I'm saying half of the time.

Amy, thanks for stickin' round.

Erin, one of my newer readers has commented at last. I have been connecting some dots, between comments here and on Shlog, and see that you teach in the English department at Union in Jackson, Tn. Say hello to the new faculty member - Janna Chance - and tell her that Jason and Erin say hello and miss them. (She and her husband are two of our oldest friends).

And did anyone (besides Erin, I guess) catch that I asked you the same question twice? Since no one else answered the question (despite linking to definitions of bailiwick and milieu) I'm guessing not.

erin said...

I can't believe you know Janna! That is crazy! I will definitely tell her you say hello. She's so sweet.

Douglas said...

Combining math and motion to solve engineering problems is high on my interest rankings. As a structural dynamicist, I would hope it would be up there. There, I answered two of your questions. I still haven't answered the perfect sundae one, though. I'm not sure how to answer, except to say, "banana split." I doubt that answer counts. However, I'm not up on the taxonomy of ice cream treats, so maybe it does.


Discontented Refuge said...

I'm here for the free food....still waiting....

(Yes Euphrony, Get Fuzzy is halarious)

euphrony said...

DR, I'm working on getting content on the blog using Taste-o-Vision. Be patient, and you free food will be virtually available!

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