Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pray for the Chapman family

If you've not heard elsewhere, one of the biggest names in CCM suffered a great loss today. Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest daughter, Maria, was struck and killed by a car in the family's driveway this afternoon (read more here). Please, pray for them.

Chapman's music has been around me much of my life, and his championing of adoption has meant a lot to me (my brother and other friends have adopted). For his family to have worked so hard to bring Maria to their home, and then to lose her shortly after her preschool graduation must be terribly hard. And, for me and Mrs. E, this kind of accident is one of our greatest fears. Pray for their family and for the friends around them to give them God's strength.

UPDATE: There are a few more details on Steven Curtis Chapman's website and notes of condolence can be left here.


Cristy said...

This wrecked me when I read it. I can't imagine losing a child, my kids just lost a good friend in an auto accident Apr. 6. He had only been driving for a few months and lost control of his car. As the mom of two teenage boys that have only been driving for a short time, it tears me up even more every time I think of their teenage son. I have been praying for their family all morning and will continue to do so.

euphrony said...

I think that most of us can relate in some way to them through the losses in our own family or those of friends. While we all feel somewhat awkward in expressing our sympathy at a time like this, I believe it important to do so; most especially in a way that will lift up the family. Prayer, love, a shoulder to cry on for those close to them - these are all important. I pray that they receive much more than simple words and platitudes from those closest to them. I had a friend a few years ago, a minister at our church, whose son died a few days after birth. Everyone felt they had to say something - he was one of our ministers, after all. I had lunch with him a couple of months later and he shared with me that he was about ready to deck the next person who told them that "God has a plan". Yes, he knew this; but having people express themselves so shallowly was belittling to him while he wrestled with God over this very subject.

Not knowing the family personally, the best for me to do is pray for them to find peace in God. Most especially for their son - his burden must be heavy to bear, and I pray that he does not break under it, nor is it used against him by others.

As a father, I've had the chorus for his "Dance With Cinderella" running through my head all day. Thinking of my own little girl, less than a month younger than Maria, I just want to hold her close.

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