Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Well there's your problem!

So Liler'E has not been sleeping so well the last few nights. Fussy, waking up crying, over and over again. I was playing with him Monday night, got him to laughing, and saw some new white spots in his mouth. Molars. Plural. Two new molars breaking through soft gums at the same time. Well, know we know. This brings him to eight teeth, and I can only imagine what this will allow him to eat now. Without molars he was already doing a good job of eating whole hot dogs, apples (not sliced), and bananas and oranges by the truckload. Now I fully expect whole cows to fall prey to these choppers.

In other news, Liler'E was not waking me up with his crying, seeing as how I was not asleep in the first place. Major insomnia going on here. Last night I was up till 3 am. Night before was 1 am. Friday night I only managed about two hours. Don't know what's going on. I guess I can sleep when I die, right?

The following is an open letter, but specifically for the neighbor lady at the end of our block:

To Whom it May Concern:
The trials of homeownership are many. Chores must be done, leaks fixed, yards tended. At times many try to do too many things at one time; rare is the homeowner who has not been caught in the shower or changing clothes when the phone rang or a timer went off. This is part of the rigors of life in the 'burbs.

There are, however, occasions when time should be taken to complete a task at hand before rushing to attend to the next pressing matter. For example, while the water may need to be moved, so as not to flood part of your lawn or flowerbeds, time should be taken to dress properly. Rushing out in a baggy tee shirt that comes far short of covering your pink-pantie clad rump as you work to move the sprinklers is exactly the kind of situation we want to avoid. Please, for the sake of the neighbors - for the sake of the children - put some pants on.

The Euphrony Family


Cristy said...

I found myself cracking up more and more as your post went on!

Cutting teeth can be rough on a kid! Hope they break through soon and there aren't too many more sleepness nights for him.

About you...have you tried drinking milk (warm or not) before going to bed? No caffeine after 3pm, no TV in the bedroom and breathe slowly/deeply from the moment you lie down. My husband gets so mad because I can fall asleep within 30 seconds of my head hitting the pillow!

And I'm still laughing at your letter. Thanks for this post, it's been a rather somber day.

euphrony said...

Normally I fall asleep pretty fast - drives Mrs. E crazy how I do that. But I've had the problems with insomnia before, mostly in high school and college. It'll pass, eventually. I'm not wiped out, more like my body is trying to tell me I've got too much sleep. Or maybe I just to be up with the kids more in the night?

Liler'E's teeth have broken through (that's how we noticed them) but not fully. Cutting two molars at the same time must be hard, but it only really bugs him at night. It'll pass soon enough.

Not seen the neighbor lady since then. Maybe she got the note?

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