Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Things I just don't understand

Why does offer a convenient link next to select articles allowing you to purchase a tee-shirt with the headline printed on it (for only $15, plus $4.99 S/H)? I was considering getting this one, but then I though to myself "what statement am I really trying to make by wearing this shirt?" The answer, unfortunately, was "I'm a dork!" and thus the idea was abandoned.

CNN headline tee

Seriously, though, why? It just makes no sense. Or am I just to old, as I approach 35 years here, to understand?

(Side note: CNN offers a FAQ on their shirts, and even a place where you can upload photos of yourself stylin' with the latest headlines. Even cooler!)

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Anne said...

Maybe you're just getting too old. :)

euphrony said...

Thanks, Anne ;(

Cristy said...

I'm thinking the t-shirt company probably pays them, it's an advertisement. You are not, I repeat, NOT, getting old, if you're not even 35 yet!

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