Friday, May 02, 2008

Family Update

We may be coming through the end of the disease cycle that we've so thoroughly enjoyed the last three weeks. Keep you fingers crossed, but no fever in two days! Now, if only I hadn't dropped that stool on top of my foot . . . (I'm still debating if it may be broken or not.) I've never broken a bone in my life, and I don't want to start now!

My dad is apparently a big-wig at the moment, having his picture on the front page of their newspaper. He, and a couple of others, form a committee that seeks to either block the city from annexing the area they live in (just outside of town) or at the least offer something more than increased taxes for taking the land into the city. The city sees the area as a lucrative source of tax dollars, and the residents don't want to pay the extra chunk of change out of their pockets without little things like the city providing police and fire service, water, sewer, street lighting, etc. like the rest of the city gets. In other words, if they are going to be part of the city, then treat them like residents and not like back-alley mugging victims. They had a nice picture of him in front of their house, wearing his Aggie shirt, arms crossed and looking resolute.

We've had plenty of pictures lately. Here are a few of my little darlings. First is Lil'E. This is her school picture, taken by a man named "Mr. Funny" who seems to have a problem with bumping his head on the door frame every time he comes to the school. Lil'E can't talk about him without laughing for ten minutes.

Next up is Liler'E. Here is is, on a rock. And actually smiling for the photographer. Wow. Ain't he cute!

Finally, we have the siblings. They love each other so much - even when Lil'E smothers Liler'E to the point of driving him insane. The classic Texas bluebonnet photo. We had a fun time trying to get these photos; police action forced us to evacuate the park went first went to for the family pictures. They had a dozen cop cars and even a helicopter or two buzzing overhead. F.U.N!


Anonymous said...

so cute!

glad you are all feeling better!

texasinafrica said...

I love that they're still so angelic-looking, even with the crime wave that's apparently affecting our state parks. :)

Cristy said...

Adorable kids!
Hope your foot is okay, yikes!

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